Key investment opportunities for the Ukrainian economy

15 february 2023

12:00 | 13:00

CONFERENCE hall "Recovery"




Projects that will relaunch Ukrainian economy:scalable across geographies of Ukraine, major social impact across demographics, and fundamental to Ukrainian industries in 21st century


*The programme may be subject to change

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EoT Core Overview

Alex Sheyner

EOT Global, Co-founder and COO

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Water Economy – Agro Sector of Ukraine

Camila Khrulova

founder & CEO Arrow Lake

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Industrial Park: Feasibility, Waste Management & 24MW BioMass Power Station

Dan Asplif

CDM Engineering

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Ukraine Agro Valley (Industrial park) – vertical integrated “commodity to packaging”state-of-the-art complex on 730 hectares

Henry Shterenberg

President of World Trade Center Kyiv & founder of EoT Global Inc.

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New Era Sports and Academics, Olympic Village of Ukraine – state-of-the-art 50,000 s.m.supermarket of Sports & Academics with over 75 future locations across Ukraine

Igor Plokhov

CEO of Olympic Village of Ukraine

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Vr-group architecture

Roman Ikonyak

ICON Development

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Municipal and Corporate
governance to attract
Foreign Direct Investment

Michael Huneke

Partner in Hughes Hubbard & Reed

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Bila Tserkva Industrial Park

Andrey Ropitskiy


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Projects and project proposals of territorial communities. Economic unions and vision of economic development


CEO Mayors Club of Ukraine

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Ukrainian business outlook and investment opportunities

Oksana Myronko

Head of Communication in the European Business Association and Global Business for Ukraine

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    event date15 | february| 2023 

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    LocationUI. Pradzynskiego 12/14, 01-222 warsaw, poland

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  • If travelling by the subway, get off at the Centrum, Swietokrzyska or Politechnika station, next take a bus 105 (Centrum),178 (swietokrzyska ),167 (Politechnika) and get off at the PKP Kasprzaka stop (or Pradzynskiego in case of 178, 167 line).Bus timetable is available on the website:

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    If travelling by a tram, get off at Aleje Jerozolimskie. Take a bus bound to Kasprzaka on the Zawisza Square ant get off at PKP Kasprzaka or Pradzynskiego Street. Tram 10 stops at the "Teatr Na Woli" tram stop. From there go to the end of Brylowska Street andturn right to Pradzynskiego Street.