materials of the community's speech at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

The address of the Head of the Community Valery Marchenko to the participants of REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

Projects to be presented at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

The purpose of the projects: to provide quality social services to the population and conditions for the development of modern public space,which will cover the leisure time of more than three thousand citizens, on the basis of communal institutions of education and sports.

Sports and Cultural Complex “Zaliznychnyk”

Consists of: Sports Сomplex "Lokomotive"; soccer, hockey, and training ground; Youth Palace and City Park "Zaliznychnyk".

Architectural and park Complex "Tsentralnyy"

Includes Izyum Lyceum No. 4; soccer, volleyball, track and field, training grounds; City Park "Tsentralnyy".

Sports and Cultural complex "Nezalezhnost"

It includes Athletic - Health Complex "Donets"; soccer field; City Palace of Culture; Izyum Lyceum No. 5; soccer, and basketball courts; City Park “Shovkovychnyy”

Educational and Recreational Complex "Suchasnyk"

It includes Izyum Lyceum No. 2, Preschool Education Institution No. 6, Cultural Center "Suchasnyk".

Geographical characteristics

  • The total area is 37,607.2 hectares

    The Community composition:City: Izyum Villages: Kamianka, Sukha Kamianka, Synycheno, Tikhotske, Levkivka, Glynske, Zabavne, Ivanivka, Iskra, Kramarivka, Pymonivka, Rudneve, Babenkove, Bryngadyrivka, Fedorivka

● located in the south-eastern part of the Kharkiv region● forest-steppe and steppe physical and geographical zone● Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhansky highway passes through the city of Izyum ● Distance from the city of Izyum to the city of Kyiv - 600 km● Distance from the city of Izyum to the city of Kharkiv - 120 km● Izyum railway station, the Southern Railway runs through the city

The target destination lands


44 hectares available for industrial use investment with a possible construction of a solar power plant

49541 residents of the Community

  • 48%

    The percentage of the working population

Strategic documents developed in the Community:

    Strategy for the development of the Izyum Urban Territorial Community for the period of 2021 - 2027
    The general plan of Izyum
    Historical-architectural reference plan of Izyum
    The general plan, and zoning plan of the village of Fedorivka, Izyum district, Kharkiv region
    The general plan, and zoning plan of the village of Brygadyrivka, Izyum district, Kharkiv region
    The general plan, and zoning plan for the village of Babenkove, Izyum district, Kharkiv region

Strategic Community goals and implementation examples

Stimulation of economic development with industry prioritization

    Spatial planning development of the Izyum Community
    Development of general plans of the Community settlements
    Each district is provided with a mobile case of the Center for Administrative Services.

Restoration and development of the life support infrastructure

    An effective system of handling solid household waste was created, based on the requirements of environmental safety and comfort for residents
    A scheme for sanitary cleaning of the Community's settlements has been developed
    Schemes for placement of garbage collection sites have been developed and defined
    The projects "Reconstruction of existing water supply networks with completion of a section of the water supply network" and "Reconstruction of existing water supply networks" were developed

Healthy community

    Implementation of the project "Overhaul of the inpatient building, the branch of the Izyum Central City Hospital (adjustment)"Continued development of the Strategy for provision of medical services.

The number of social infrastructure facilities in the Community

Relative indicator for every 1000 residents



Sports education


Administrative buildings

Strategic projects implementation


Cooperation with nefco

Overhaul of educational institutions in the city of Izyum with the implementation of energy-saving measures:● comprehensive school of the I-III degrees No. 5●  preschool educational institution No. 17● comprehensive school of the I-III degrees No. 6


Cooperation with GIZ

Overhaul of educational institutions in the city of Izyum with the implementation of energy-saving measures:● preschool educational institution No. 6● preschool educational institution No. 10Development of a modern Center for Administrative ServicesReconstruction of the roof, replacement of windows and doors of the of the maternity hospital


Cooperation with GIZ

"Reconstruction of the facade and the roof with the installation of an attic roof of the pre-school educational institution No. 12""The Overhaul of comprehensive school of I-III degrees No. 2"The Overhaul of Clinic of general practice of family medicine No. 2, Izyum, 4, ave. Zaliznychnyy


Cooperation with the German bank KfW and Ukrainian Social Investment Fund (USIF)

● "Improving services in the field of preschool education in preschool educational institution No. 16, Izyum"● reconstruction of a non-residential building into a house for internally displaced people● development of design and estimate documentation "Improving the conditions of providing medical care in the Central Medical Hospital" - major repair


Cooperation with the State Fund for Regional Development:

● Major repair of the inpatient building of the Izium Central City Hospital● Reconstruction of the Athletic - Health Complex "Donets" with the installation of a swimming pool● Reconstruction of the water pipeline of the Water pumping Station of the 2nd lift of the Bukinsky water intake to the counter tanks of Izium

Industry and Investments

Measures carried out on the territory of the Izyum Territorial Community as of February 23, 2022


SE "Izyum Instrument -Making Plant"


SE "Forestry"




Izyum Bread Factory "Kulynychi" LLC

The tourist potential

The city of Izyum is located on the banks of the Siversky Donets River at the confluence of the Mokry Izyumets and Suhy Izyumets rivers, at the junction with the Oskil River. The area of forest massifs is 60,000 hectares, of which 430 hectares are within the city limits. One of the largest water reservoirs in Eastern Ukraine - Oskilske is located at a distance of 9 km. Rafting on kayaks is especially popular, the rafting season can last about 5-6 months a year.
Izyum is a city with more than 340 years of history. It was here in the distant year 1111 that the Kyiv Great-prince Volodymyr Monomakh, completely defeated the Polovtsian hordes.

    A unique collection of stone sculptures of the Scythian-Polovtsian period of the 10th-13th centuries has been collected on Kremyanets Mountain
    The memorial of the monumental art, the the Savior Transfiguration Cathedral, built in the Ukrainian Baroque style
    The Holy Ascension Cathedral is one of the most famous churches in the Kharkiv region
    The Izyum Museum of Local Lore named after M.V. Sibilev has more than 100 years of history and more than 13 thousand exhibits. Among the most valuable of them: an altar Gospel in silver and gilt, published in 1707, a numismatic collection of rare coins, military awards of the Cossacks of the Izyum regiment, works of painting

The city of Izyum in the Kharkiv region was under occupation for almost six months. The Russians killed and tortured Ukrainians, destroyed their houses. In one of the houses, a Russian aerial bomb killed five dozen people. And this, unfortunately, is only a small part of the victims among civilians in Izyum and surrounding villages. Until now there is no electricity, water, gas and heating, the bodies of the dead are being retrieved from underneath the rubble.  But people are gradually returning there.

Estimated cost of reconstruction is about $1.2 million 

Completely ruined:

    2 preschool education institutions
    4 Izyum lyceums
    out of 22 boiler houses, 3 are completely destroyed, and 10 have significant damage and are not working
    Buildings, constructions, equipment of the municipal enterprise Izyumsky KVVKP
    Buildings, constructions, equipment of the municipal enterprise Izyumsky KPTM
    Buildings, constructions, equipment of the municipal enterprise "Blagoustriy of the city Izyum"
    4 administrative buildings
    2 five-story buildings
    The street lighting system has been destroyed by almost 100%
    2 bridges over the Siverskyi Donets river were destroyed
    About 80% of multi-apartment residential buildings have received significant damage
    About 30% of private households were significantly damaged
    About 24,000 windows in the houses were damaged and need to be replaced
    The road surface of streets, including highways, has been destroyed by about 50%

The Izyum Community needs your help and support in the reconstruction

Valery Vitalyevich Marchenko

the Head of the Izyum city military administration

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