materials of the community's speech at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

The address of the Head of the Community Halyna Minaeva to the participants of REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

Projects to be presented at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023


Reconstruction of the building of the "Chuhuiv Lyceum No. 2" communal institution

Lyceum No. 2 is the most visited educational institution in the city: 325 students and 55 employees. The main building of the lyceum was completely destroyed as a result of the military aggression of the Russian Federation. The primary school building was 70% damaged.


Reconstruction of the building of the Communal Institution "Klugyno-Bashkyrivskyi Lyceum"

Lyceum is the only educational institution located in the village of Klugyno-Bashkyrivka. 390 children and 56 employees attended the institution. Part of the institution's building was completely destroyed, supporting and enclosing structures, engineering networks were also damaged.


Implementation of the Concept of the central square of Chuhuiv

Cathedral Square forms the historical core of Chuhuiv. The territory of the square is included in the archaeological monuments of local importance "Horodyshche". Its current state requires urgent reconstruction works.

Geographical characteristics

  • The total area is 289.1 square kilometers

    Composition of the community:city: Chuhuiurban-type settlements: Kochetovillages: Klugyno-Bashkyrivka, Vasyliv Khutir, Zarozhne, Tetlega, Pischane, Velyka Babka, Kamiana Yaruga.

• The Chuhuiv community is located in the east of the Kharkiv region
• Siverskyi Donets River flows through the territory
• International highway M-03 (Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhanskyi)
• A third-class railway station
• A bus station with buses in 37 directions

39 000 community residents

The Chuhuiv City Development Strategy was adopted and approved by the community. The community strives to develop as a safe and comfortable place for both residents and guests to live in; as a powerful cultural and business center, open to broad cooperation; as a Community sharing European values.

  • Affordable and high-quality communal services throughout the territory of the Community

    The purpose of the projects - "Unified City Dispatch Center" and "Unified city settlement center" - is not to leave any appeal of the city's residents without attention. The projects designs allow to combine information about the utility enterprises` services.

  • Safe and dignified living conditions
    Insurance of social integration

    The following institutions function in the community: MI "Center for Complex Rehabilitation for Children with Disabilities "CHANCE" and MI "Inclusive Resource Center" - comprehensive support for children with special educational needs. The territorial social service center became a kind of island of communication and realization of creative abilities for people with disabilities and senior citizens.

the number of social infrastructure facilities in the community

relative indicator for every 1000 residents



Social sphere0,1


Administrative buildings0,35

Implementation of strategic projects

Among the partners of our community are the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO), the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), the International Organization for Migration, the United Nations Development Program and others. A number of important social initiatives were implemented in the Community under the support of these organizations:


Accommodation for internally displaced persons

In cooperation with the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund, housing for internally displaced people was built on the territory of the community.


Energy efficiency and energy saving

Within the last 5 pre-war years, 40 energy saving and energy efficiency projects were implemented in the Community, for realization of which more than UAH 100 million were involved.


Complex rehabilitation center for children with disabilities "CHANCE" and Territorial Center of Social Services

for children with special needs and comprehensive support for people with disabilities and elderly people.

agricultural complex

  • 15054,3

    hectares of agricultural lands in the community

  • 44


All enterprises specialize in the production of grain, industrial crops and oilseeds. Leading enterprises:

    Agrofirm "Zorya" LLC
    Agrofirm "Chuhuivska" LLC
    Private Agricultural Enterprise "Zarozhnianske"
    Private enterprise "Tri Agro 2007"
    Agricultural firm "KAYARY" LLC

Industry and Investments

Before the war, more than 20 industrial enterprises were located on the territory of the community. Products of mechanical engineering and food production prevailed. Now, a significant part of the community's industry was factually paralyzed, leading to an economic downturn in business activity.






Uterm Ukraine LLC


Agrosynergia" LLC


Karat LLC





Strong tourist potential

The city of Chuhuiv occupies one of the leading places in the Kharkiv region in terms of the provision of valuable historical, cultural and natural resources capable of generating considerable tourist interest.


The city of Chuhuiv was founded in 1638 by the cossacks and was a military town for nearly 400 years.

30 unique buildings of the regulated construction of those times, including the central square ensemble.


The birthplace of artist Ilya Repin

He grew up, studied and created some of his masterpieces here. Now the house that belonged to the artist's parents operates as his memorial museum.


Repin's international plein air

The annual event gathered artists and tourists from all over the world. More than 160 artists from more than 50 cities and 9 countries took part in them during the entire plein-air period.


The art gallery

is located in a unique monument of architecture of the XIX century - Headquarters buildings of military settlements. Its exposition presents the works of famous painters, graphic artists, masters of decorative and applied art.



"City Duma" 1820


"Headquarters of Military Settlements" 1833


"Pokrovsky Cathedral" 1824


"Trading Rows" 1833

"They are shelling the city, because they were not met with flowers," the Russians rummaged through the residential quarters and infrastructure of the front-line city, located 20 kilometers from Kharkiv.

damaged and destroyed:

    Educational institutions - 2
    Cultural institutions – 1
    Critical infrastructure facilities – 13

damaged and destroyed:

    III category III: 23 private residential buildings, 25 apartments
    II category: 196 private residential buildings, 118 apartments
    I category: 279 residential buildings, 567 apartments

The Chuhuiv Community needs your help and support in the restoration

Halyna Minayeva

Head of the Community

0574623503au.vog.adar-veuguhc%40ofniUkraine, Chuguiv, Kharkiv Region, st. Staronikolska, 35A.