materials of the community's speech at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

the address of the Head of the Community Anatoliy Fedoruk to the participants REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

Geographical characteristics

  • Total area - 261.45 km²

    Composition of the community:
    City: Bucha
    urban-type settlement: Vorzel, Babyntsi
    villages: Buda-Babynetska, Blystavytsia, Zdvyzhivka, Lubyanka, Havrylivka, Tarasivshchyna, Voronkivka, Rakivka, Syniak, Chervone, Myrotske

● 30 km to the center of Kyiv● Antonov International Cargo Airport: 5.5 km● International airports: Zhulyany - 30 km, Boryspil - 70 km● European highways: Kyiv-Kovel-Yahodyn M-07, Kyiv-Chop M-06 - 13 km via T 1001, E95 - 35 km, E101 - 38 km● The city is located in between the small rivers Bucha and Rokach, the left tributaries of the Irpin River● A third of the city's territory is covered by forest and parkland, the city park with Parkove Lake, 52 hectares in area● International highway of national importance Kyiv-Kovel-Yahodyn M-07, the Border Checkpoint "Yahodyn"● The railway infrastructure of Bucha Territorial Community is composed of 1 railway station and 5 railway stop platforms● 4 automobile bridges and 1 railroad bridge.

Natural resources


The exceptional natural and climatic conditions of Vorzel as part of the community primarily contribute to its popularity as a health resort.

Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"

mineral deposits: quartz sand, clay, peat, and other construction materials

Award "Best Service Provider"

water resources, in particular mineral water

Investment attractiveness

The priority for international cooperation during the martial law in Ukraine is to engage foreign partners into the implementation of community reconstruction projects and to enhance the capacity of the municipality to face the new challenges of the community's economic life. Experts in the fields of construction, logistics, aircraft construction, engineering, forestry, landscape design, and local tourism operate in the Bucha city territorial community


18.2 million UAH of the state budget and 7.8 million UAH of local budget funds were invested into the construction of access roads to the medical and industrial clusters in 2021.
A project application for 2022 has been submitted to the State Regional Development Fund for the construction of the second stage of access roads (UAH 49.3 million), connecting the railway, the territory of the Myrotske Industrial Park with the international highway M-07.

Myrotske Industrial Park LLCsmall and medium-sized enterprises:

    production or processing of construction materials
    Light and Food industry
    Instrumentation, Alternative Energy
    development of a medical sector within the framework of the Kyiv Region Smart Specialization Program:

75,282 community residents

The Bucha Community has approved the following documents:

    The Bucha community Development Strategy until 2029
    Brand of the Bucha community
    Concept of digital development for 2022-2025
    Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan until 2030
    Program of Socio-Economic Development for 2023
    Small and Medium Enterprise Development Program for 2022-2024
    Restoration Program of Bucha community "VDOMA KRASHCHE"
    Community map

The Bucha Bucha city territorial community is:

  • Illustration

    an active social life with high spiritual culture

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    promotion of small and medium business development, introduction of innovations. open and accountable government

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    a resort center of the Kyiv region, clean ecology, energy-saving technologies

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    Developed water, festival, sports and green tourism

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    A community where the young generation feels safe and comfortable to live.

high-comfort living

    Life safety and recovery
    comfortable infrastructure
    social infrastructure
    well-developed service sector
    an active social life

The development of the local economy

    Promotion the development of agricultural production on the territory of the community
    Creation of favorable conditions for doing business and investment attraction

number of social infrastructure facilities on the territory of the community

ratio for each 1000 residents



Sports institutions0,07


Administrative buildings0,14

Strategic projects implementation

Bucha is an active member of the Association of Ukrainian Cities, and Bucha Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk chairs the Kyiv Regional Branch and is a member of the AUC Board. The city is actively developing partnership with EU cities and is registered on the Cities4Cities platform.


A modern inclusive sports complex "Academy of Sports" was constructed


center of psychological assistance to citizens affected by the war. The indicators of economic and social development of Bucha city territorial community


A municipal landscape park "Bucha City Park" with an area of 52 hectares


Launched in 2022: DUFRANO UNION LLC, trademark "ORGANIC" (Ukraine), an estimated amount of investments is UAH 120 million, 120 workplaces


Launched in 2022: Construction of plant of the ecological processing of construction waste GREENMIX (Israel), estimated investment of UAH 150 million, 60 workplaces


In 2021, energy efficiency projects were implemented in educational and medical institutions


The construction of three deferrization stations based on the latest technologies was launched

industry and investments

The industrial sector of the community's economy consists of enterprises of aircraft construction, road construction, confectionery production, processing industry, repair and installation of machinery and equipment, transportation services, wood products manufacturing, rubber and plastic products manufacturing.




PE "Delicia"




UTEM-Engineering LLC




Tekhpromservice LTD LLC



Agricultural sector

Agricultural enterprises and agricultural service cooperatives are functioning.
In 2022, local authorities took measures to assist the community's agricultural manufacturers:

    measures to support the establishment of farms, family enterprises and their associations
    access to the automated information system "State Agrarian Register".
  • Cultivation of grain crops

  • Vegetable growing

  • Horticulture

  • Poultry breeding

  • Cattle breeding

  • Pigs breeding

Tourism potential

Residents of large cities are more often opting for vacations in rural areas. Considering such tendencies, in 2021, project estimates for Green Tourism projects were developed

Bucha is a city-park:

⮚ Buchansky city park
⮚ Park " Velykodniy "
⮚ "Chernobyl tragedy" park
⮚ Park " Olivtsi"
⮚ Park named after the music composer L.M. Revutsky
⮚ Taras Shevchenko Square
⮚ Square with a memorial sign to the soldiers-internationalists
⮚ The square within Tarasivska-D. Vyshnevetskoho streets
⮚ Kyivska Square - the central square of the city
⮚ Maidan Heroes Square
⮚ House of Witold Kaminski
⮚ Bulgakov's places. Historical and landscape park
⮚ Historical and architectural monuments: Yevhen Paton's dacha, Stamma's dacha

The city of Bucha is known for the large number of victims and destroyed buildings. The Bucha city territorial community was under occupation for 36 days. Preliminary data shows that 419 civilians perished over the period of occupation.

About 33,000 residents of the community, which is 45% of the total population, have sustained losses, according to RebuidUA.Direct monetary losses amount to:
● Residential and homestead developments - $124 million;● Social infrastructure - USD 98.65 million;● Industrial infrastructure - $14.9 million;● Other infrastructure - $18.47 million.
More than 8500 internally displaced people have been registered in the community since 2014. We are looking for solutions to rebuild more than 3,000 damaged buildings, 90% of which are residential, to create conditions for the recovery, development and emergence of new businesses, to build 2 new modern schools and 5 kindergartens, and a new multi-profile hospital on the basis of the existing Kyiv Regional Mental Health Center.


Bucha city territorial community requires your help and support in reconstruction

Anatoliy Petrovych Fedoruk 

City Mayor

au.vog.adar-ahcub%40adamorg12, Enerhetykiv str., Bucha, Kyiv region, 08292