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Participant of exhibition REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

materials of the community's speech at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

The address of the Head of the Territorial Community Oleksandr Berehovoy to the participants of REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

Projects to be presented at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023


The reconstruction of the Youth Sports School

Children were left without the opportunity to be engaged in active sports. The goal of the project: to ensure the provision of quality social services to the population and conditions for the development of modern public space, on the basis of municipal educational and sports institutions.


Through restoration to improvement

"Through restoration to improvement" providing quality services to the population

Geographical characteristics

  • The total area is 77 384.62 hectares

    The community composition:
    city: Bashtanka village: Andriivkavillages: Shevchenko, Zeleny Yar, Trudove, Dobre, Novoyehorivka, Yavkyne, Chervony Stav, Novosergiyivka, Tarasivka, Gorozhene, Novohorozhene, Zeleny Gai, ovopavlivka, Zeleny Klyn, Pisky, Kostyantynivka, Novoivanivka, Kyivske, Starosoldatske, Khristoforivka, Plyuschivka, Novohheorhiivka, Shlyakhove, Odradne.

Road of state importance N-11 Dnipro-Mykolaiv● Dolynska-Mykolaiv railway, Yavkine station 13 km from the center of the Territorial Community● To the regional center (Mykolaiv) 60 km● Kherson – 114 km● Odesa – 200 km● Proximity to seaports: Mykolaiv, Kherson, Odesa

Lands for the intended purpose

Local authorities are interested in production of construction materials enterprises The project solutions of the "General plan with the zoning plan of the territory of Bashtanka, Mykolaiv region" propose the formation of an industrial park with an area of 471 hectares for the placement of industrial-warehouse complexes


Available natural resources of state and local significance: sand, pottery, kaolin and ceramic clay, limestone, granite and uranium ores, a large number of natural water sources;
local authorities are interested in attracting investment funds and ensuring sustainable Community development.

24392 residents of the Community

  • 54%

    The percentage of the working population

Strategic documents developed in the Community:

    Strategic development plan of the Bashtanka City Council of the Mykolaiv region for 2018-2025
    Development of urban planning documentation
    Master plan with plan of zoning of the territory of Bashtanka
    The master plan is combined with the zoning plan of the Dobre settlement
    Detailed plan of the land plot territory with a total area of 5 2761 ha for the placement of fair-festival area - transformer "Yarmarkova"

Strategic goals of the Community


Economic potential development

Creation of appropriate conditions for new and modernization of existing enterprises of the real sector of the economy:
● The implementation of an Industrial Park with an incubator for the entrepreneurship development in order to energize the improvement of business, reduce the level of unemployment which was indicated by the residents during the survey as one of the key problems that need to be solved out
● Attracting investments for the development of the Bashtanka Community
● System development of provision of administrative services


Development of education

Children, both in the city and in the countryside, must have access to quality education and sports, therefore, the projects for the implementation of this task include the renovation of school premises, kindergardens, as well as the purchase of specialized classrooms for schools and school buses for picking up students and arranging for grounds for sports activities:
● Reconstruction projects of secondary school #1 and secondary school #2


Social welfare

Increasing life expectancy and access to appropriate health care
● municipal non-profit enterprises "Bashtanska Multidisciplinary Hospital" and "Center for Primary Health Care"● the department of inpatient care for permanent or temporary residence of the Municipal Institution "Center for the provision of social services of the Bashtanka City Council" ● Department of home care and natural assistance● Department of Social Services● Center of psychological services and rehabilitation.


Comfortable and safe conditions in the Community

Чисте довкілля, зелені місто та села
●  "Pravoporyadok" ensures safe and maximally comfortable living in the Community● Municipal Enterprises "Dobrobut" provides cleanliness and order● Municipal Enterprises "Miskvodokanal" - provides stable water supply and drainage● "BUVET" drinking water - provides thousands of community residents with one of the most necessary services - clean water

the number of social infrastructure facilities in the Community

relative indicator for every 1000 residents



Sports education0,21


Administrative buildings

Industry and Investments

Staying in the war zone, the most profitable enterprises of the community were damaged and destroyed:


Additional liability company “Zorya Ingulu”


Additional liability company “Bashtansky Cheese Factory”

Agriculture and the agricultural complex

The developed agriculture makes it possible to discuss the possibility of investing in bio gas plants from household, industrial or agricultural organic waste, which allows not only to produce energy and biofertilizers, but also improves the local environmental situation.


Positive trends in the field of agro-industrial production: the growth of gross production volumes compared to the corresponding period of the previous year by 13.0%.

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    crop production (grain production, cultivation of industrial crops, gardening)

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    livestock production (cattle, pigs, sheep)

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    poultry farming (chickens)

The main essence of the population of the territory of the current Bashtanka is that the local residents did not perceive any occupying authorities from the moment the settlement was founded. Cossack traditions became the basis of the mentality of the population of Bashtanka, which helped them to fight against various invaders, but this war left a lot of destruction

As a result of hostilities, 2 railway and 1 road bridges in the Community were completely destroyed.

Damaged and destroyed:

    20 multi-storey buildings with 185 apartments
    578 residential buildings
    21 social facilities
    5 administrative buildings
    481 private houses
    2 infrastructure facilities

The Bashtanska Territorial Community needs your help and support in recovery

Oleksandr Anatoliyovych Berehovoy

the Mayor

(068) 066-81-15ten.rku%40adarthsab38, St. Heroes of the Nebesnaya Sotnya, Bashtanka, Bashtansky District, Mykolaiv region