Schlebach at the ReBuild Ukraine exhibition!

Schlebach at the ReBuild Ukraine exhibition!

The company offers forging and pressing machines as well as machinery for professional sheet metal processing. The finished products are used in roofing and facade cladding, as well as other construction and industrial needs.

- Roll-forming machines

- Mini-roll forming machines

- Profiling systems MYLTI, QUADRO

- Folding machines

- Bending, notching, edging, punching, and cutting machines

- Longitudinal-cross cutting machines

- Slitting lines

- Modular production lines for various profiles

- Coil metal unwinders

- Metalworking machines

Visit the ReBuild Ukraine exposition and learn more about the latest technologies and materials for rebuilding Ukraine.

See you at ReBuild Ukraine powered by Energy

November 14-15, 2023,