One of the projects to be presented by the Kramatorsk Community at the National Pavilion "UKRAINE AND ITS COMMUNITIES" is the RECONSTRUCTION OF RESIDENTIAL BUILDING.

Complete reconstruction of a house for 130 residents destroyed by rocket attacks. The main list of reconstruction works:
● partial dismantling of destroyed constructions
● reconstruction of the roof and installation of a metal tile roof and drainage system;
● installation of solid belt;
● installation of a wooden rafter system;
● installation of a balcony slab;
● restoration of brickwork walls in placed of damage;
● repairing cracks in the brickwork of load-bearing walls;
● installation of a rigid metal strapping of the building;
● construction of porches, canopies, staircases;
● installation of window and door units;
● local repair works;
● installation of a house insulation system;
● installation of paving and accessibility elements for residents;
● restoration of in-house engineering networks.

You can learn more about other projects of the Kramatorsk Community on our official website, where we have gathered all the key information about the community:

See you at ReBuild Ukraine powered by Energy

November 14-15, 2023,EXPO XXI | WARSAW | POLAND