CECE at the ReBuild Ukraine exhibition!

CECE at the ReBuild Ukraine exhibition!

CECE - an organization that represents and promotes European construction equipment and related industries. It coordinates the views of national associations and their members to achieve a competitive environment through harmonized standards and rules.CECE is a European network consisting of a Secretariat in Brussels and representations of national associations in various countries. While the Secretariat in Brussels performs coordinating functions, the majority of CECE's work is carried out by the staff of national associations and industry representatives. Thus, the CECE network meets the requirements of the European Union, as well as the needs of the sector with small and medium-sized companies in addition to global players.CECE represents the interests of national associations of construction equipment manufacturers in Europe, currently counting around 1200 companies in the sector.


Visit the ReBuild Ukraine exposition and learn more about the latest technologies and materials for rebuilding Ukraine.

November 14-15, 2023,EXPO XXI | WARSAW | POLAND

Buy a ticket now: rebuildukraine.in.ua/en#pricing-1