materials of the community's speech at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

address of the head of the community Halyna Luhova to the participants of REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

Projects to be presented at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023


Restoration of municipal public transport

The estimated cost of the project is UAH 405 million

To ensure the primary service of city routes, the community needs to purchase 10 units of modern energy-efficient electric transport, which will ensure timely transportation of passengers along convenient routes.


Restoration of "City Road Administration"

The estimated cost of the project is UAH 194 million

All equipment was stolen and taken away from the enterprise by the occupation authorities. Currently, the facilities are using equipment from the 1980s, which cannot cope with the growing volume of daily work.
Restoration of equipment is necessary for safe movement on community roads.


Restoration of Kherson School No. 1

The estimated cost of the project is UAH 100 million

The school building was significantly damaged as a result of artillery shelling of the city. A modern educational and educational complex for children with special needs is needed, it will create safe development and learning of children in comfortable conditions, taking into account that the educational process lasts until 5:00 p.m.


Restoration of the water supply and sewage system

The estimated cost of the project is UAH 1,465 million

Due to heavy shelling, water supply and drainage lines are damaged every day. In order to eliminate the consequences, specialists need mobility and efficiency, but the remaining transport and mechanisms do not ensure the proper operation of the networks.


Establishment of service delivery centers

The estimated cost of the project is UAH 175 million

Residents of communities expect convenient and high-quality administrative services from local authorities. The establishment of service provision centers in Starosty districts will enable 38,000 people to receive qualitative services at their place of residence.


Reconstruction of the oil refining complex

The estimated cost of the project is EUR 1 billion

As a result of the occupation and hostilities, there is practically no oil refining in Ukraine, and the creation of a modern enterprise in Kherson will significantly affect the energy independence of the state, the price policy of operators, will allow them to enter the international markets and receive foreign currency income.


Construction of an educational complex

The estimated cost of the project is UAH 550 million

The future complex will consist of educational and educative buildings, 2 sports halls, premises for children's personality development, a football field, basketball and sports grounds with appropriate equipment, a running stadium and a swimming pool.

Geographical features

  • The total area is 45,280 hectares

    The community consists of:
    the city of Kherson
    urban type settlements: Antonivka, Zelenivka, Komyshany, Naddniprianske
    Villages: Blagovishchenske, Zimivnyk, Engineering, Youth, Prydniprovske, Priozerne, Soniacne
    Villages: Bohdanivka, Petrivka, Sadove, Stepanivka

● Distance to Kyiv – 603 km, to the nearest regional center (Mykolaiv) by road – 70 km.● Distance to the Black Sea coast is 100 km● main railways: Mykolaiv – Kherson - Dzhankoy, Kherson – Snigurivka – Apostolove, Snigurivka – Kakhovka – Novovesela● motorways of international importance: M-14 (Odesa – Melitopol – Novoazovsk (in the city of Taganrog), M-17 (Kherson – Dzhankoy – Feodosia – Kerch) and M-18 (Kharkiv – Simferopol – Alushta – Yalta)● transport corridors: Euro - Asian (Kherson - Krasnoperekopsk - Simferopol) and Black Sea EC (Odesa - Melitopol - Novoazovsk)

Natural resources


20.4% of the Kherson urban territorial community are wetlands (Dnieper floodplains)


10.5% is covered with steppe herbaceous vegetation


about 7% are the surfaces of water bodies


2% is covered by forests

Investment attractiveness

community land, ha:

  • Agricultural lands consist of:
    ● in private ownership – 15,992 ha;
    ● in state ownership - 2,102 ha;
    ● in communal ownership - 2,742 ha;
    ● in use by individuals and legal entities – 250 ha
    ● not transferred into ownership or use - 400 ha

  • The community owns 435 hectares of non-functioning plants. The community is considering attracting investors for reconstruction.

  • Land plots for the construction of a new residential microdistrict, with an area of 38.7 hectares.

  • Logistics storage complexes for vegetable and fruit keeping with the possibility of primary processing of products and deep freezing are relevant for investments.

316,400 residents of the community

as of the beginning of 2022

  • 59%

    The percentage of working-age population

Economic and Social Development Program of Kherson City Territorial Community for 2022

The key objectives of the Program are:

  • establishment of a sustainable, competitive Kherson City Territorial Community

  • competitive-battle-competing-goal-compete-startup

    efficient exploitation of the internal potential of the Kherson Community to ensure its sustainable development

  • to increase the level of well-being and revenues of citizens by achieving social, humanitarian, economic, ecological and spatial cohesion

The number of social infrastructure facilities in the community

ratio per each 1000 residents



Sports education


Administrative buildings

Strategic projects implementation


The ANSERGLOB complex produces dry construction mixtures. The production of dispersion materials was launched in 2011, the production of styrofoam in 2016, the production of tint concentrates in 2019, and extruded polystyrene in 2021.


The shopping center "FABRIKA" with an area of 82 thousand sq.m., has over 400 stores. The first solar-powered mall in Ukraine. 3000 workplaces. UAH 985 million in revenues to the state and local budgets.


Danone Dnipro plant, a producer of over 80% of Danone's Ukrainian dairy products

industry and investment

There are 8 marine terminals located in the water area of the Kherson sea trade port, where cargo is transshipped: grain cargo (in particular, grain), agricultural products, chemical and mineral fertilizers, rolled metal, scrap metal, diesel fuel and petroleum products, sunflower oil, bulk cargo, etc.




Kherson State Plant "Pallada"







PE "Polyexpo"

Strong Tourism potential

Kherson City Territorial Community is located on the right bank of the Dnipro River and has a unique natural complex near the city. Kherson City Territorial Community is located in the most environmentally friendly region of Ukraine with 275 days of sunshine per year.

The Dniprovski Plavni - is a place for active recreation on kayaks and sup boards. Pleasure crafts and yachts allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of the Dniprovski Plavni.
Recreation centers for both fishing fans and family vacations are located on the Dnipro banks, with comfortable hotel rooms, swimming pools, and restaurants (currently, almost all the recreation facilities have been destroyed).
By Presidential Decree, the Nizhniodniprovskyi National Nature Park was created , which includes the Dniprovski Plavni.

On February 3, 2023 1,528 buildings were damaged and destroyed, the estimated value of which has not been determined due to the impossibility of carrying out an expert assessment of the damage (the objects are located in the immediate zone of shelling, and there is no access to apartments in high-rise buildings and private households due to the absence of property owners)

Destroyed and damaged:

    484 residential apartment buildings
    858 private houses
    8 dormitories
    57 buildings and structures of educational institutions
    44 infrastructure objects
    19 Health care facilities (including pharmacies)

Kherson city territorial community requires your help and support in reconstruction

Halyna Leonidivna Luhova

The Head of the city military administration

phone: +380508485122moc.liamg%40avm.nosrehK