materials of the community's speech at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

The address of the Head of the Community Yevheniy Velychko to the participants of REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

Projects to be presented at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023 


Wholesale and retail market with processing facilities

Market development and its infrastructure provision. Establishment of processing facilities, which will ensure the creation of added value for vegetable, berry and fruit products. This is a highly profitable line of business: the plot is located in a favorable geographical location - on the highway of state importance Kyiv - Mykolaiv - Kherson in the center of the Mykolaiv region.


Construction of a solar power station

The construction of a 150 kW solar power plant at the water pumping station of the Municipal Enterprise "Water Supply of the City of Voznesensk”. It is planned that the solar power plant will produce electricity for the own needs of the pumping station, which provides water to the Community. The implementation of the project will have a positive impact on the ecological situation; will allow reducing the tariff.


Construction of composting station

The construction of a composting station and provision of infrastructure, equipment for processing Community organic waste. The goal of the project is to reduce the negative impact of the landfill on the environment by introducing composting, which will become a raw material for the production of fertilizers. The project will allow reducing the amount of garbage by up to 60% and reducing the risk of fires.

Geographical characteristics

  • The total area is 8945 hectares

    Composition of the Community:
    City: Voznesensk
    Villages: Novohryhorivka, Rakove

● The Community is located in the central part of the Mykolaiv region
● at the intersection of two roads of national importance: P06 (Velyki Troyany - Mykolaiv) and P55 (Noviy Bug - Odesa)
● Railway road
● Distance to the administrative center of the city of Mykolaiv is 90 km
● Distance to the capital city of Kyiv – 391 km

Land according to the intended purpose


The Pivdenny Bug River and its tributary Mertvovid flow through the territory of the Community. Fertile soils contribute to the development of agriculture. There are 6 sand quarries and 2 granite quarries near the Community, on the territory of Voznesensk district.

35 800 community residents

  • 55%

    the percentage of the working population

Strategic documents have been developed in the Community, such as:

    Sustainable Development Strategy of the Territorial Community of Voznesensk for 2019-2026
    Development of the Plan of Sustainable Energy Development of Voznesensk until 2030
    The master plan of the city of Voznesensk until 2031
    Urban planning documentation "Zoning plan of the territory of Voznesensk, Mykolaiv region"
    Urban planning documentation of the villages of Novohryhorivka and Rakove

The number of social infrastructure facilities on the territory of the Community 

relative indicator for every 1000 residents



Sports education0,1


Implementation of strategic projects


Successfully implemented projects in support of the "Strong health and well-being" and "Sustainable development of cities and communities" goals. In 2017, 3 projects were prepared for participation in the contest of the "Community Based Approach to Local Development -III" - "Smart Cities" program, financed by the European Union, co-financed and implemented by UNDP.


In partnership with the "Economic Development Agency" and the "Community Fund of Voznesensk", were realized the following projects: "Improvement of the automated management system and documentation in the practice of the Voznesensk Central District Hospital", "Safe and comfortable city of Voznesensk" and "Voznesensk Card", as a tool for provision of electronic services to residents of the city of Voznesensk in the field of passenger transportation"


the project "Reduction of energy consumption in hospital buildings in Voznesensk City"- the winner of the European Commission grant in terms of the EU Program "Covenant of Mayors - Demonstration Projects" in the countries of the Eastern Partnership within the framework of the "Neighborhood Regional Program.


It is planned to implement the demo project "Construction of a solar power plant to replace own consumption of electricity at the utility company "Water supply of Voznesensk - an integral component of the decarbonization process" with the support of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit through the Project "Promotion of energy efficiency and implementation of the EU Directive on energy efficiency in Ukraine".


a number of projects were implemented within the framework of the program «Decentralization Offering Better Results and Efficiency»:
● Joint efforts for a clean environment!
● Purchase of tablet PCs for conducting a survey of citizens on the quality of services
● Establishment of the sports and game mini-complex "Trenia Plus" in the village of Novohryhorivka
● creation of modern working conditions of the Community Council, ensuring public involvement


a number of projects were implemented within the framework of the program «Decentralization Offering Better Results and Efficiency»:
• Improving the provision of solid waste services in the Community
• Setting up a shopping area on the largest densely populated area of the city
• Creation of the first tourist cycling route


in 2021, Voznesensk became the winner of the "Our Community" competition, organized by ICTV TV Channel and the DOBRE Program, from among 200 communities of Ukraine with the project "Composting - Unite the Community!"


Within the framework of the program of the public organization "Ecoclub" "Promotion of sustainable energy solutions in communities with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway", the project "Development of alternative energy to solve the needs of water supply of the city of Voznesensk" was implemented. Construction of solar power station at the Matrosova water pumping station.


The project "Improving the quality of administrative services for the population of theU-LEAD with Europe" program was implemented

Industry and Investments

The industry of the city is represented by enterprises of the processing and food industry, the largest of which are:








"Nympheia" LLC


Brewery "Sokolivske"


“Voznesensk Jupiter” LLC


"Voznesenskyi Hlibozavod" LLC

Tourist potential

The community is surrounded by the state reserve of national importance "Racinska Dacha", the protected tracts "Labyrint", "Mar'in Hay" and "Vasyleva Pasika".Trikratsky forest, planted in 1825 by the earl V. Skarzhynskyi. The real gem of these places is the Aktovsk Canyon: a unique natural complex of forest and water ecosystems in combination with a complex of rocks and granite boulders.On the territory of the city of Voznesensk, there are all the possibilities for overnight stays for tourists. A developed network of hotels and restaurants.
The community has the following sights and cultural heritage objects:

    25 monuments of local importance by type "Historical"
    1 landmark of monumental art of local importance
    3 landmarks of garden and park art of local significance
    7 monuments of architecture and urban planning of national significance

The Voznesensk Сommunity of the Mykolaiv region became one of those where fierce battles against the occupation troops continued. A few tens of kilometers from the Black Sea coast, near Mykolaiv, which was heavily shelled by the Russians, and a little further from Kherson, which is occupied by Russia. If the Russian troops took Voznesensk, it would help them to surround Odesa.

As a result of hostilities, 2 railway and 1 road bridges in the community were completely destroyed.

damaged and destroyed:

    6 institutions of pre-school and school education
    rural outpatient clinic
    physical culture and health building with a swimming pool
    41 high-rise buildings
    481 private houses
    5 utility companies
    15 other establishments

The Voznesensk Community needs your help and support in the restoration

Yevgeny Oleksandrovich Velychko

Head of the Community

moc.liamg%402remzov56500, Mykolaiv Region, Voznesensk, Tsentralna Square, 1