materials of the community's speech at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

Message of Oleksandr Senkevich, head of Mykolaiv city territorial community, to the participants of the Exhibition - Conference REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

Projects to be presented at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

There should be two dimensions in 2023 : strengthening the institutional capacity for city reconstruction and focusing on the well-being of Mykolaiv residents through human-centered design and high-value strategies:

Creation of the Mykolaiv Recovery Plan

    Green transition
    Urban planning
    Maritime sector
    Business development and investment promotion
    Youth, education and culture
    Due governance

Development of municipal economy
and infrastructure

    modernization of the sewage system
    waste water collection and treatment
    local boiler houses
    construction of three CHP plants based on alternative energy sources
    implementation of ERP systems

Green transition

    construction of a waste incineration or waste processing plant
    reconstruction of the municipal garbage dump
    introduction of the concept of separate garbage collection
    construction of a biogas power plant on city sewage facilities


    Reconstruction of the Mykola Arkas First Ukrainian Gymnasium

Community and care

    Invincibility Public Library


    Reconstruction of the city hospital

Geographical characteristics

  • Total area - 259,8 hectares

    The composition of the community:

    located at a distance of 490 km from Kyiv, 120 km from Odesa
    60 km from the Black Sea at the confluence of the Buza estuary
    Three international transport corridors pass through the cityThree sea ports, one river port and a number of private terminals: SE "Mykolaiv Sea Trade Port" SE "Specialized Seaport "Olvia" "NIKA-TERA Specialized Sea Port" LLC "Mykolaiv river port" OJSC "Ukrrichflot")

Natural resources


Water resources, rivers:

    Southern Bug
    Dnipro-Buzky estuary

Green spaces:

    Green areas - 760 hectares, incl. deciduous species - 230 ha. The average age of plantations is 30-35 years.

 469,545 residents of the community

Community development programs

The planned programs have to be revised due to the changes caused by the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of Ukraine. A new city master plan has been developed, work on the main urban planning document began in the summer of 2022.

Mykolaiv became a participant in the international project to rebuild Ukrainian cities after the war. The project is coordinated by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), which has engaged the global design and architecture company "One Works" to help our city.

Implementation of strategic projects

  • Illustration

    Denmark has become a reliable partner of Mykolaiv, it demonstrates solidarity with Ukraine and has a special partnership with Mykolaiv through multifaceted and long-term support provided on a bilateral basis. Denmark's areas of activity include humanitarian and emergency support, financial support, accountability, reconstruction and the fight against corruption.

The city of Mykolaiv cooperates with the following organizations in the framework of providing technical assistance:

    International Committee of the Red Cross in Ukraine
    Swedish Non-Governmental Folke Bernadotte Academy
    Congress of local and regional authorities of the Council of Europe
    PAUSI Ukrainian-Polish Cooperation Foundation
    United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
    The International Charitable Foundation "Ukrainian Public Health Foundation" with the support of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Ukraine
    Federation of Canadian Municipalities (PROMIS)
    EU initiative M4EG
    United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Modernization of water supply and drainage systems in Mykolaiv

The total cost of the project is EUR 31.08 million.
The amount of credit funds of the European Investment Bank is EUR 15.54 million, the amount of grant funds of the E5R fund is EUR 5.1 million.
Most of the components of the program have been completed at the moment, but due to the military aggression of the Russian Federation in relation to Ukraine, the project in total has not been completed.


Reconstruction of OKP "Mykolaivoblteploenergo"

OKP "Mykolayivoblteploenergo" participates in the implementation of the all-Ukrainian project which is financed by the World Bank and named "Increasing energy efficiency in the field of centralized heat supply in Ukraine".
Goal of the project: reduction of energy consumption, as well as reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
Total amount of lending: 21.7 million US dollars. The project is on 99% completed.


Improvement of the public transport infrastructure of the city of Mykolaiv

Is financed through local borrowing by the Mykolaiv City Council in the amount of UAH 4,500,000.
Agreement on the transfer of loan funds between the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and the Mykolaiv City Council in accordance with the terms of the Financial Agreement (Project "Urban Public Transport of Ukraine)" between Ukraine and the European Investment Bank in the stage of preparation for conclusion. Currently, the bidding procedure for the purchase of rolling stock is ongoing.


Urban public transport of Ukraine

Mykolaiv participates in the investment projects "Improvement of public transport infrastructure in Mykolaiv" which is financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
70 trolleybuses have already been delivered.

industry and investment

Enterprises of the processing industry produce the biggest part of industrial production in the city. The city has a well-developed warehousing industry, which provides storage of products and maintenance of branches of material production. the largest of them are:


Plant of the Alpri company


Plant of mobile turbo presses


Mykolaiv Aircraft Repair Plant






Mykolayiv Machine-Building Plant

Tourist potential

Mykolaiv has a high potential in the field of tourism. There are 347 monuments of history and culture in Mykolaiv: monuments of garden and park art – 9; houses and buildings of cultural heritage - 338, theaters - 3. Popular locations and places for family and children's recreation before the start of russian invasion: Pier 8, modernized Cathedral Square, parks, squares, children's town "Kazka".

  • Archaeological excavations "Wild Garden Settlement"

    An ancient Cimmerian city from the time of Troy, one of the oldest observatories in Eastern Europe, founded in 1821.

  • The oldest yacht club of Ukraine

    Founded in 1888.

  • Shukhov Tower

    Water tower was designed by engineer Volodymyr Shukhov and for the first time in the world installed and used in the city water supply system.


An independent analytical assessment of damages was made by the Kyiv School of Economics: EUR 852 million.


  • 2000

    private and residential buildings

    358 mln €

  • 50

    medical objects

    26,3 mln €

  • 98

    objects of education

    45,3 mln €

  • 1

    water supply

    41 mln €


The Mykolaiv community needs your help and support in recovery

Oleksandr Sienkovych

Mykolayiv city mayor

phone: +38 (0512) 751 588, +38 (093) 188 92 50au.vog.adarkm%40lecnak20 Admiralska Str., Mykolaiv, 54001, Ukraine