Irpin city territorial community

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Participant of the Exhibition - Conference REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

materials of the community's speech at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

the address of the Head of the Community Oleksandr Markushyn to the participants REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

Projects to be presented at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023


Irpin Youth Sports School

The estimated project cost is 10 000 000 EUR

Up to 580 children trained and mastered their sports skills in the Youth Sports School before the war. The sports of boxing, judo, volleyball, rugby, taekwondo, football, futsal, basketball, and orienteering were developed. The administrative building of the Youth Sports School and the small gym were completely destroyed by enemy bombings and fire, and the roof of the large gym and sports grounds were damaged.



The estimated project cost is EUR 2 000 000

Prior to the war, 1065 students studied here, and 65 teachers were employed. The new school building for 900 pupils was opened in 2021. The classrooms are equipped with advanced multimedia teaching tools, a resource center for children with special educational needs, sports, fitness and assembly halls, a dining room, a library and sports grounds. 50% of the building was damaged as a result of russian armed aggression.



The estimated project cost is 15 000 000 EUR

The Central House of Culture was the main cultural and creative venue of the city, a city monument of architecture. The auditorium had a capacity of 484 guests. Eight creative teams with more than 150 members performed regularly there. The House of Culture sustained significant damage in fierce fighting. The only thing that remained was the entrance group.



The estimated project cost is EUR 3 400 000

The "Romanivka" club used to be a creative space for people to have meaningful pastimes, share traditions, teach children art, and simply socialize. It hosted children's circles, the rock band and the drumming school, concerts, performances and festive events with cultural and educational content. In March 2022, the club was destroyed by the russian occupiers.



The estimated project cost is EUR 2,380,400

The pre-school institution №2 " Vesnyanka" of the Irpin City Council is located in a building built 100 years ago. The center employed 27 teachers and educated 163 children. A distinctive feature of the institution was its warm family atmosphere. Despite the old premises, it was equipped with modern appliances and necessary teaching materials for children's development and education. It was damaged by an artillery shell.


Residential buildings at 95, Varshavska Street

The estimated project cost is 69 482 EUR

Four-storey brick building. A metal tile roof. The total square of the building is 2071.10 sq. m. The number of apartments is 48. Many retired people and families with children of preschool and primary school age lived in the house. Some of the residents were displaced from Crimea, Luhansk, Donetsk, Kramatorsk and Kherson. Many were families of Ukraine's defenders. The building was damaged after the invasion.


Residential complex "Dzherelo", at 50, Tolstoy str.

The estimated project cost is 276885 EUR

A six-storey building. The total area of the building is 1819 sq. m. The number of apartments is 28. 90 residents lived there. The roof and partially the walls of the upper floor were completely destroyed after the invasion. The façade was damaged. The windows and balcony blocks were smashed, and communications were cut off. 6 apartments burned to the ground.



The estimated cost of the project is €221,000

The school was attended by 1698 students and employed 93 teachers. The institution is part of the network of social and sports schools of the "Real Madrid" foundation, which carry out the mission of involving children from low-income families and children from risk groups in sports, education, personality development and socialization. The school building was damaged as a result of the military aggression of russian troops.



The estimated project cost is EUR 2 500 000

The university implements educational programs in the following fields of study: information technology, philology, biology and chemistry, physics and mathematics, and economics. There are 415 students enrolled here. Highly qualified teachers work there. The lyceum has a strong educational and material base. The school building was damaged as a result of the military aggression of russian troops.



The estimated project cost is EUR 27 000 000

A higher education institution with a 100-year history. The only university in Ukraine subordinated to the Ministry of Finance that trains specialists in the field of finance. The Tax University is the alma mater for more than 5,000 students, 335 academic staff, and about 200 graduate students. Heavy hostilities have left their mark on the university's property. Six student dormitories, four academic and administrative buildings, and a sports complex were destroyed. In general, 50% of the infrastructure of the State Tax University was partially or completely destroyed.



The estimated cost of the project is EUR 27 000 000

This project aims to create a single, transparent, continuous, open space, free of walls, allowing free interaction of its various elements, without physical interruptions and deep cooperation among the interior and exterior of the new library.



The estimated cost of the project is EUR 1,923,340

The museum has damaged windows, porch and roof. The premises need to be expanded, redesigned and conceptually revised. To create a full-fledged museum with a modern exposition, it is necessary to create more space by moving the Pension Fund to a different location. The museum requires equipment with all related services, an exposition route, and a barrier-free environment.


Residential complex "New York Towers"

The estimated project cost is EUR 20685

Two 16-storey buildings. The construction technology is monolithic concrete. The quantity of apartments is 318. About 75% of the apartments were occupied. Damaged: roof parapet, window blocks , aerated concrete walls in certain apartments, facade insulation and finishing, landscaping, amenities, playground.



The estimated cost of the project is 187000 EUR

The building has 142 apartments with integrated non-residential premises. The total area is8257.0 sq. m. Windows, walls, and floor tiles in the entrances were damaged by the shell fragments. More than 250 windows were smashed, including more than 150 panoramic windows. Several apartments were completely destroyed. The 11th floor of the building in the second section is in a state of emergency.



The estimated cost of the project is 39540 EUR

The total area of the building is 2515.7 square meters. The number of apartments is 43. There were 129 residents, including 27 children. Damaged: facade, interstitial concrete ceilings of 1,2,3 floors, 15% of windows. 1 apartment burned down.

Geographical characteristics

  • Total area - 11 705.5 hectares

    The composition of the community:
    city of Irpin
    villages: Mykhaylivka-Rubezhyvaka, Zabuchchya, Kozyntsi, Dibrova

● Irpin is a city of regional significance in the suburbs of Kyiv. It is located on the Irpin River.
● 1 railway station
● Antonov International Cargo Airport
● E373, E40 - two international highways to the European Union

78,950 community residents

  • 69%

    The percentage of working-age population

The documents approved in the Irpin community are as follows:

    The Program of Socio-Economic and Cultural Development of the Community for 2023 and the Main Development Priorities for 2024-2025

Following the de-occupation of Irpin, the city authorities appealed to architects, designers, planners, transport specialists, urban planners and other professionals to join the working group on the sustainable reconstruction of Irpin. About 300 volunteers from Ukraine, Europe, and America joined the Irpin Reconstruction Summit project to rebuild Irpin today, rather than wait for tomorrow.

  • The construction of the "IRPIN ART HOUSE" is planned for 2022


    a center of creativity and art of an international level. the concept was developed and the land for construction was allocatedThe project involves the placement of:● art school● Contemporary culture museum of the city● Gallery for sculptors, painters, photographers, masters of decorative and applied arts● space for implementation of public creative initiativesan exhibition center for national and international art exhibitions.The purpose of the center:● formation of innovative culture and development of entrepreneurial skills among children and youth● efficient information infrastructure to support entrepreneurship● Increasing the competitiveness of entrepreneurs● professional development and start-ups, creation of new workplaces

the number of social infrastructure facilities on the territory of the community

ratio per each 1000 residents as of 23.02.2023



Sports education


Strategic projects implementation


water purification and deferrization station

supplies drinking water to 75% of the city's population and is capable of purifying up to 20 thousand cubic meters of water per day. Its construction was financed at the expense of UAH 55 million from the Irpin development budget.
Hostilities damaged the 2nd lift station with its building, clean water tanks, a fence, the roof of pumping stations 12 and 17, and a water tower. Almost all the equipment was destroyed. In August 2022, the damaged station was repaired and launched.


Medical center and development of medicine

● Emergency conditions department● Gynecology and maternity ward● Children's hospital with resuscitation● Operating unit● Outpatient clinic of general practice - family medicine● Infectious department ● Own oxygen supply systemThe facility was constructed at the expense of the community budget - UAH 150 million.


Educational institutions

Irpin has become a city of young families due to its popularity. Over the past 6 years, five municipal kindergartens have been built in Irpin: kindergarten No. 7 " Bjilka", kindergarten No. 8 "Kolibri", kindergarten No. 5 "Vinochok", kindergarten No. 12 " Smailik", kindergarten No. 10 "Znayko". New large blocks of schools No. 1 and No. 17 and the entire floor of school No. 2 were constructed, and two lyceums were opened. The favorable investment climate in the city enabled the opening of numerous private schools and kindergartens.


The new building of the Art School

The new building of school No. 1 is, in fact, another full-fledged educational institution that was constructed and fully equipped by our community at our own expense. Today, school No. 1 can accommodate more than 1,100 students. It has two gyms, an assembly hall, a library and its own separate dining room. In addition, we completely renovated the school yard - now it has modern running tracks, new sports grounds and beautiful flower beds.


City of parks

Six parks, along with several smaller and larger squares. Each of them has neat lawns, ornamental trees, lots of flowers, pedestrian and bicycle paths and benches, children's and sports grounds. The parks had bicycles, bike, electric vehicle, scooter, rollerblading, gyro, skateboard, and other rental services.


Irpin city embankment

A large-scale recreational and sports area of 3 km in length. Pedestrian and bicycle paths are lined along the entire embankment, and more than 200 benches and art objects have been installed. There are fishing spots, picnic areas, hammocks, sunbeds, playgrounds and a sports complex of open training areas - two football fields, basketball and volleyball courts, a cross-fit area and one of the largest outdoor skate parks in the country.


Reconstruction and restoration of 4 multi-storey buildings with the "Terre des Hommes" Italian Fund

In cooperation with the official working group of the Irpin City Council "Irpin Reconstruction Summit" and the Italian "Terre des Hommes" Fund supported by the Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund, 4 multi-storey buildings with 450 apartments, where 1230 residents live, were restored in Irpin.


Reconstruction of the kindergarten No. 6 "Radist"

The Government of the Republic of Lithuania is going to finance the reconstruction of the kindergarten No. 6 "Radist". The burned part of the building will be partially dismantled and a new facility will be constructed. The kindergarten would be brought from Soviet to modern standards. There will be two elevators, one inclusive, one technical, an assembly hall and a gym will be enlarged, there will be a computer class, and two additional groups for 20 kids each. There will also be a shelter. The number of playgrounds will be increased.


Renovation of the kindergarten "Vinochok"

The construction of a new kindergarten for 300 children was launched in 2021. It was scheduled to be commissioned in May 2022, but the hostilities in Irpin delayed its completion. As of now, the level of building readiness is about 80%. Irpin's sister city, Cascais (Portugal), donated €500,000 to complete the construction of a new kindergarten.


Reconstruction of School No. 12 in partnership with SOCAR

SOCAR Energy Ukraine has restored the damaged Irpin School No. 12 . On September 1, 2022, pupils went to the renovated school No. 12, which was dilapidated by the invaders a few months ago. Now the school has a new roof, windows and stained-glass windows, a renovated facade, repaired classrooms and cabinets, the gym severely damaged by the explosion, and bathrooms installed in the bomb shelter.

Industry and investment

The infrastructure of the Community suffered substantial damage caused by the aggression of the russian federation. The industrial enterprises located on the territory of the community suffered significantly.
The industrial economic potential consisted of: manufacturing industry; production of rubber and plastic products, chemical industry and furniture production, manufacture of other non-metallic goods (building materials), etc.; electricity, gas and water generation and distribution. The non-governmental sector prevailed with a share of about 95% of the total industrial output.

The largest industrial enterprises that were destroyed by the military aggression of the russian federation:

The new Development Strategy of the Irpin City Territorial Community for 2022-2032 envisages the introduction of advanced financial technologies to support small businesses, financial incentives, microloans, etc. The main focus is on the development of environmentally friendly business.

    The local authority's policy is aimed to support small and medium businesses. A Single License Center functions in the community.
    Entrepreneurs registered their business in the Irpin Community benefit from preferential land lease rates.
    The "I-SMART" Entrepreneurship Support Office provides assistance in: drafting grants; accompanying and reporting to donor organizations; conducting seminars on current business support programs; and supporting individual entrepreneurial projects.
    The city is affiliated to the Start Business Challenge, a government information service featuring business cases with detailed instructions on launching a business.
    The public association "Irpin Development Agency" plays an active role in information support for the development of small and medium enterprises.

Tourism potential

The region of Irpin is interesting for its cultural traditions and historical sites. The Irpin Tourist Information Center was established in 2011 and tourist routes were developed. The most popular excursion is to the House of Creativity of Ukrainian Writers. The tour is a sort of pilgrimage to the muses, an acquaintance with the founders of Ukrainian literature and the legends closely associated with their names.

  • The city of parks

    The visitors of Irpin are welcome to stroll through the city's renovated parks: the Pravyk Park and the "Dubky" park, the "Central" park and the "Pokrovskyi" park of wooden sculptures, and the Park of Writers. The city organizes art events and outdoor activities for children every Sunday.

  • The cycling capital of Ukraine

    Bicycle path of 5.3 km long connecting Irpin with Kyiv was laid out. Bicycle tourist routes along the streets and parks of Irpin, through the forest, and places of historical glory.
    Local businesses are actively involved in the development of cycling infrastructure, sports and tourism. An open memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Irpin City Council, the "Vzvazhnykh" society, the company "Ecosoft" and "Planet Plastic". The concept envisages the development of a circular bicycle route through the cities of Kyiv region with a total length of about 270 kilometers

Based on the estimates of experts from the Irpin Investment Council, the restoration of the city-hero Irpin to its pre-February 24 condition would require $1 billion

PUBLIC SERVICE INFRASTRUCTURELost workplaces - 3,475 out of 4,844

    administrative and public facilities 15 out of 27
    post office
    police station