Dnipro city territorial community

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Participant of the Exhibition - Conference REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

materials of the community's speech at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

the address of the Head of the Community Borys Filatov to the participants REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

Projects to be presented at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

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Reconstruction and restoration of buildings
at the following addresses:

● 118, Peremohy Ave. blocks 1, 2, 3, 4 ● 92 A, Oleksandr Polya Ave.● 9, Ilarionovska st.● 13 A, Topolya-3 residential complex● 119 B, Naberezhna Zavodska st.● 5, Yalytsevyi lane, block 5● 106 A, Lyubarskoho St.

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Industrial Park:
The new construction of engineering and transport infrastructure facilities

The project presentation
Dnipro Development Agency web-site

Geographic characteristics

  • The total area is 40507.67 hectares

    The composition of the community: the city of Dnipro
    urban-type settlement: Aviatorske

    Dnipro is located at the intersection of all types of transport routes: water, rail, automobile, and air. All the necessary infrastructure is available, enabling a significant passenger and cargo transportation capacity
    Historically, the Dnipro has been shaped and developed as a hub of key heavy industry sectors - metallurgy, machine building, and
    chemical industries and for almost a century has been recognized as a heartland of metallurgy

Категорії земель, га


968,502 community residents

  • 76%

    The percentage of working-age population

    The openness of the city authorities enables Dnipro residents to influence the city's infrastructure through their decisions and activities. The project "Participatory Budget" has been developed, allowing Dnipro residents to choose the city initiatives to implement, and those to be postponed for the future. Thus, the priorities for city modernization are selected independently by the community.

Developed and approved documents:

● Dnipro Strategy 2030
● The Master Development Plan for the city of Dnipro
● The Zoning Plan of the city of Dnipro
● 16 district territory detailed plans

Strategic development focus areas:


  • The open innovation environment

    ● Creating an environment for work, life and creativity● A place for the development of technology companies● Development of the creative economy and R&D● Environment for start-ups and labor market development

  • An international education center

    An innovative world-class educational center in Dnipro aimed to provide professional development for individuals and to create favorable conditions for creative self-realization and scientific search of technical and IT specialists.

  • Economic and financial regional leader

    Dnipro is an internationally integrated, efficient, sustainable and competitive financial center dynamically developing and making a significant contribution to Ukraine's stable and inclusive economic growth.

  • The hub of new industries

    A high-tech city in a post-industrial country, integrated into global, technological value chains, where unique engineering services and high-quality products are produced

The number of social infrastructure facilities on the territory of the Community 

ratio per each 1000 residents



Sports education0,02


Administrative buildings0.04

Strategic projects implementation



Focused on the development and implementation of advanced developments in the field of information and communication, biological technologies, instrumentation, electronics, energy efficiency and the application of alternative energy sources.
The presentation of the project
Dnipro Development Agency website



Dnipro Underground construction is one of the priority sectors for the development of the construction industry in the Dnipropetrovsk region. To continue the project, Ukraine and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development concluded a €152.0 million Loan Agreement and a €152.0 million Financial Agreement with the European Investment Bank.


The multifunctional "ERMOLAEV CENTER"

The multifunctional complex is part of a comprehensive renovation of the residential district.


Business center "THE CORNER"

The complex is an integral part of the comprehensive reconstruction of one of the oldest streets in the city. Located at the intersection of two streets - Patorzhynskogo and Vyborgovskaya - it performs the most significant role in the perception of the entire complex.

Industrial potential

The Dnipro accounts for

  • 7%

    ferrous metallurgy products

  • 11%

    national machinery industry

  • 13

    industrial deposits

The major enterprises of the community by industry: metallurgy, machinery industry, space industry, processing industry, development companies


PJSC "Dneprovsky Iron & Steel Integrated Works"


PJSC "Dneprovsk Metallurgical Plant"


LLC "Metallurgical Plant " Dniprosteel"


Yuzhnoye State Design Office and Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant


PJSC "Dneprometiz"


"Interpipe" Research, Production and Investment Group


Corporation "Biosphere"


Corporation "Alef"




Oil Extraction Plant


Old Industrial zones - the revitalization areas

240 industrial enterprises50% of production areas are outdated or are not in use45 territories are subject to redevelopmentthe area of transformation - 515,5 hectares

Strong tourist potential

Dnipro is a tourist-friendly city. The city is located on the banks of the Dnipro River in the region abounding in natural beauty and steeped in Ukrainian Cossack traditions. Nowadays, Dnipro offers a wide range of recreation and leisure activities for tourists, which makes it an interesting destination.

  • Summer sailing

    The Dnipro River is an ideal place for the development of sailing and ecotourism. Numerous yacht clubs and sailing schools are operating, traditional annual regattas - sports sailing races - are held.

  • Water sports

    - Ukraine's major canoeing and kayaking arena
    - 862 m of cable way for water skiing and wakeboarding

  • Pedestrian zones

    - " Pryberezhnyy" Park
    - Renovated pedestrian zone at Korolenko Street
    - Renovated pedestrian zone at Yavornytskoho Street

For almost a year now, the russians have been deliberately shelling hospitals, schools and critical infrastructure of the Dnipro city territorial community... The airport has been completely demolished. After the victory, our children must not be raised in the shadow of the destroyed neighborhoods.

Destroyed and damaged:

    6 infrastructure facilities destroyed and 4 severely damaged
    The airport and nearby infrastructure were destroyed
    The building of JSC "Ukrtelecom"
    A transport enterprise
    5 private houses destroyed and 162 damaged
    74 multi-storey buildings were damaged
    14 private enterprises were destroyed and 26 damaged
    3 industrial enterprises were destroyed and another 2 were damaged

Dnipro city territorial community requires your help and support in reconstruction

Borys Albertovych Filatov

City Mayor

75, Dmytro Yavornytskyi Avenue, Dnipro, Dnipropetrovska oblast, 49000+380 (56) 732 12 12;+380 (95) 732 12 12;+380 (96) 732 12 12;+380 (73) 732 12 12au.vog.adarorpind%40eciffo, au.pd.rmd%40eciffo