materials of the community's speech at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

Address of the Head of the Community Vyacheslav ZADORENKO to the participants of REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

Projects to be presented at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023


Reconstruction of the administrative buildings of Prudyanskyj and Rusko-Lozivskyj starosta districts


Reconstruction of Derhachi House of Culture


Reconstruction of the administrative building of the City Council into Social and Resource Development Center and youth center and Administrative Service Center in Derhachi


Restoration HealthCare Center


Standard reconstruction projects of the destroyed private sector in the Community


Projects for the reconstruction of sewage treatment facilities in Dergachi are under development (which will allow to start the construction of new residential areas)

Geographical characteristics

  • Total area - 544.1 km²

    Community Composition:town: Derhachisity-type settlement: Kozacha Lopan, Prudyanka, SlatyneSettlements: Veterynarne, Nove, Pytomnykvillages: Bilashi, Bolyboky, Yemtsi, Zamirtsi, Masliy, Mishchenky, Semenivka, Shovkoplyasy, Hraniv, Nova Kozacha, Shevchenka, Tsupivka, Shapovalivka, Solonyj Yar, Bezruky, Leshchenky, Mali Prokhody, Alisivka, Velyki Prokhody, Vysoka Yaruga, Ruska Lozova, Tokarivka, Hoptivka, Dementiivka, Dubivka, Kochubeiyvka, Kudiyivka, Lobanivka, Tokarivka druha, Shopyne

● The distance from the regional center to the ring road of Kharkiv is 12 km
● Regional significance highways Kharkiv - Zolochiv pass through the city of Derhachi
● The city railway station located on the railway line Kharkiv - Kozacha Lopan
● An internal public bus route is in service, mainly running through the streets of Sumsky Shlyakh and Zholochivsky Shlyakh

44 000 residents of the Community

Strategic projects implementation

by Derhachi City Council in 2021:


construction of ambulatories of general practice family medicine in the villages Ruska Lozova and Velyki Prokhody as a part of the Presidential Program "Big Construction"


Dergachi Central District Hospital's modern admission department was constructed as a part of the President's "Big Construction" program

Number of social infrastructure facilities on the territory of the Community

ratio per each 1000 residents



sports facilities


Administrative buildings

Agricultural complex 

Currently, 27 agricultural enterprises are operating on the territory of Derhachi sity Territorial Community, the main type of activity is the cultivation of grains, legumes, oilseeds and others.Animal husbandry is gradually developing. Promin farm is one of the leading enterprises in the Community, which produces and processes fruit and vegetable crops into food products.

industry and investments

The enterprises listed below are the largest taxpayers to the Derghachi City Council budget in terms of private individuals' taxes:


PJSC "Ukrpostach"


LLC firm "Brig"






LLC "AVV-100"

Touristic potential of the city

The key components of the city tourism industry are:

    Museum objects and historical monuments;
    Green rural tourism;
    Industrial tourism;
    Natural monuments and recreational areas;
    Sports and festival activities.

" Who gave you the right to have a better life than ours?" - From the very first hours of Russian aggression, the community assumed one of the main attacks of the occupation troops, since it had a direct border with the Russian Federation. The settlement was meant to be the main bridgehead for the invaders for further advance to Kharkiv. However, the city resisted, although the Russians did everything to capture it and invade the territory.As of December 21, 2022, the Derhachi City Council registered 3205 destructions, including private buildings, commercial premises, and social infrastructure facilities. The damaged objects are being recorded.


Derhachi Community requires your help and support in reconstruction

ZADORENKO Vyacheslav Valentynovych

Head of the Dergachiv city military administration

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