materials of the community's speech at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

The address of the Head of the Community Heorhiy Yerko to the participants of REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

Projects to be presented at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023


Reconstruction of the sewage treatment facilities

The sewage treatment facilities in Borodyanka were severely damaged as a result of hostilities. Restoring the facilities through capital maintenance is an impossible task. A complete reconstruction of all the systems is required.


Roads reconstruction

The settlement is on the international trading route Kyiv - Warsaw and is an important logistics hub. The condition of the roads in the Community, after the numerous columns of the enemy's vehicles and active hostilities, needs to be restored.


Construction of residential buildings

In the result of the military aggression of the RF troops on the territory of Borodyanka Community 10 apartment buildings (568 apartments) were completely demolished, where 1704 people resided. The dwelling fund is in urgent demand of reconstruction.


The administrative hub

As a result of the Russian invasion on the territory of Borodyanka settlement, 8 administrative premises have been completely destroyed, 14 were damaged. The Community requires the new administrative buildings to be constructed in order to deliver its services to the residents.


School of Arts

Borodyanka Children's Art School was entirely demolished by the Russian Federation troops. The school is a part of the cultural heritage of the settlement. The strategic community development goal is the construction and maintenance of its cultural and historical heritage.

Geographic characteristics  

  • Total area - 51 270 hectares

    The Community composition:Settlement of urban type: BorodyankaSettlements: Dmytrivka, Ozershchyna, Druzhnya, Myrcha, Velykyj Lis, Koblytskyj Lis, Koblytsya, Talske, Nova Hreblya, Vablya, Nova Zalisya, Novyi Korohod, Pylypovychi, Shybene, Krasnyj Rih, Zaholtsi, Kachaly, Maidanivka, Nebrat, Bondarnya, Hai, Nova Buda, Potashnya, Volytsya, Halynka, Stara Buda, Torfiane, Vyshniaky, Yazvynka, Berestianka, Mykhaylenkiv

●  is located on the international trade route Kyiv - Warsaw● The community is intersected by the Korosten Railway South-Western branch● The distance between the settlement of Borodyanka and Kyiv by train is 48 km, by car - 55 km● The International Airport "Kyiv" Sikorsky (Zhulyany) is 62 km away, Boryspil is 75 km away


Climate. Relief

Borodyanka TC is located in the southern part of Kyiv Polissya. The orohydrographic environment comprising broad river valleys and forest areas on both slopes and watersheds is a precious asset for the touristic and recreational industry development. The territory of the Community is referred to as moderate temperature and sufficient humidification.


Natural resources

The major community natural resources are: land, forest, water, minerals and raw materials. The natural recreation capacity is significant.Fertile lands that provide high agricultural crop yields are the main asset of the community.

List of land resources, ha


There are considerable deposits of sand in the settlements of Myrcha, Stara Buda, and peat - in the floodplain of the Zdvyzh river ( Borodyanka, Shybene, Nova Hreblya)

23 853 residents of the Community

  • 46%

    The percentage of the working-age population

Key aspects of the development strategy until 2025:

    A high-quality agrarian infrastructure.
    Maintenance of a high standard of living of the population
    The promotion of Borodyanka Community by preserving and maintaining of the cultural and historical heritage

As a result of the invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Community, a large part of the projects of the Development Strategy was not implemented, the communal infrastructure, residential fund and social facilities of the Community were significantly damaged. To identify the new priority tasks, considering the environmental changes and restricted funds, the Action Plan for the implementation of the Community Development Strategy for 2023-2025 has been developed and a working group has been established. At the moment, the project initiatives and proposals for the Action Plan are being collected.

Number of social infrastructure objects on the territory of the Community

ratio per 1000 residents before the Russian Federation's full-scale invasion



Physical education and sports


Administrative premises

Strategic projects implementation

Implemented projects on the territory of the Community throughout 2022:


The United Nations Development Program

A modular Administrative Service Centre was built in Borodyanka


Project HOPE

● Repair and restoration work of the premises of the Borodyanka Central Regional Hospital● Repair and restoration works of the Paramedic obstetric point


Project HOPE

● Repair and restoration works of the premises of the Borodyanka Central Pharmacy № 4● Installation of a drugstore kiosk in the settlement of Dmytrivka


Government of Poland

A Modular Town for 258 people who have lost their houses has been opened


Hungarian Ecumenical Humanitarian Aid Service

a modular type kindergarden was opened in the village of Zahaltsi



The industry of the Borodyanka Community is presented by the following largest enterprises:

    Private enterprises: MICHELE, CORAL DESIGN
    Limited Liability Companies : BALIS, ALUPOL, BIOENERGOSBUT, ALPHAPRES, Terminal Autologistics, Planet RS Borodyanka, Electromashkomplekt

Agriculture and agro-industrial complex

It provides food safety, the employment of rural population, supports the job creation and the development of rural areas.

    15 enterprises are engaged in mixed agricultural production, including 4 animal husbandry. One enterprise has a breeding plant status, one - pedigree reproducer.

tourist potential

Borodyanka Aerodrome is one of the most famous aero clubs in the Kyiv region, located 40 kilometers from the capital, where all conditions are available for performing comfortable and secure parachute jumping.


The Community is surrounded by mounds which have a profound historical heritage. This has potential for the development of historical and tourist routes and locations, and green tourism.

April 2022. The war... A cozy community with a peaceful life remained behind a dark line of pain, tears, destruction and death. Destroyed houses, ruined lives. A month of nightmares has changed the history of Ukrainian towns and villages forever.

The destruction of social infrastructure

administrative buildings

    8 were completely destroyed: two Borodyanka Village Councilseducation departmentTax OfficeCourtSocial Support CentreCenter for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation Police
    14 damaged administrative buildings

Residential buildings

8 827 people were left homeless


    371 residential buildings
    10 multi-apartment residential buildings


    1 543 residential buildings
    64 multi-apartment residential buildings

Educational institutions

    5 institutions of pre-school education
    10 comprehensive educational institutions

Ruined Cultural Heritage and Institutions

Completely destroyed

    Borodyanka Children's music school
    Zahaltsivsk SBK and library
    Potashnyanski SBK and library


    Local history museum of Borodyanshchyna
    The monument to Taras Shevchenko
    Stele in memoriam of the fallen participants of ATO/JFO in Borodyanka
    Borodyanka House of Culture after Taras Shevchenko (material and technical base is by 90% ruined)
    Dmytrivskyj, Myrchanskyj, Shybenskyj, Maidanivskyj, Ozirshchynskyj rural clubs
    8 public libraries: Borodyanka Library for adults, Children's Library, libraries in the villages of Druzhnya, Maidanivka, Shybene, Kachaly, Ozirshchyna, Zahaltsi

Industrial and commercial sector

trade objects

    27 are completely destroyed
    48 are damaged

Borodyanka Community requires your help and support in reconstruction


the acting Head of Borodyanka Village Council

au.vog.rsb%40ofni 331, Tsentralna str., Borodyanka urban-type settlement, Ukraine