materials of the community's speech at REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

The address of the Head of the Community Vadym Boychenko to the participants of REBUILD UKRAINE 2023

Geographical features

  • Total area - 375.3 km2

    Composition of the community:
    City: Mariupol
    Villages: Agrobaza, Berdyanske, Vynohradne, Pokrovske, Pionerske, Pryazovske, Prymorske, Prymiske, Chervone, Shevchenko, Shyroka Balka
    urban-type settlement: Staryy Krym
    settlement: Rybatske

●  a significant industrial and commercial center in the south-east of Ukraine\● the seaport on the Azov Sea, the core of the metallurgical industry● is located at the intersection of transport routes● is located at the crossroad of domestic and foreign economic cargo flows● The M14, E58, H20 and T0803 highways are the city's main transport routes to Ukrainian and foreign cities● The Mariupol Railway Station serves north and west-south directions● "Mariupol - Sortuvalnyi" railway station functions as a hub connecting the seaport and the main railroad networks● Mariupol Commercial Sea Port facilitates trading with 130 world countries and is among the top four global ports

Natural resources


The leading place among the soils in the territories of Mariupol is chernozem


11 rivers flow through the territory, the largest - Kalmius, which is 209 km long


Deposits of mineral water, radon water, iodine-bromine water


200 mineral species, as well as all types of rocks


Industrial development of graphite (Starokrymskoye deposit)


Сopper, gold, zinc, graphite and diamondі have been recorded in the Donetsk Azov region.


Vermiculite (area of the reserve Stone Tombs )


Syenites and granosyenites (4 deposits)


Significant reserves of dolomite (2 deposits)


Flux limestones deposit


Basalts and diabases, porphyrites, amphibolites, limestones, kaolins, building clays are extruded


The iron ore deposit stretched for 25 km, with an area of up to 150 km, the thickness of the strata up to 100 m, and resources up to 1 billion tons of ore.

The investment favorability

Factors comprising a favorable investment climate:
● a large number of damaged and destroyed buildings in the city (sales market potential)
● seaport (shipping potential)
● Raw materials within the region (resource potential)
● Population with engineering and technical education (labor potential)
● Potential for industrial Park development in the region

449126 community residents

as of 01.01.2021

  • 69%

    Percentage of working population

Developed and approved:

    The City Strategy by 2030
    The City without Outskirts Program by 2030
    The target program " Contemporary transport and infrastructure of the city 2018-2022"
    The target program "Development of the housing and communal sector of the city 2018-2022"
    The program of support and development of micro, small and medium-sized businesses in Mariupol

number of social infrastructure facilities on the territory of the community

ratio per every 1000 residents as of 23.02.2022



Sports education


Administrative buildings

Sustainable development goals of the community and projects examples

as of 23.02.2022

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strong Health

    Implementation of the "Friendly Medicine" project
    A unified medical information city platform through the implementation of the Doctor Eleks Medical Information System
    Implementation of e-services for patients: online registration, e-queue, and a personal patient account.
    Medical bot "Marta" was created.
    3 intensive care hospitals: CH #1, 4, the Regional Hospital
    The "Healthy Children" project was implemented: modern monitoring, X-ray diagnostic, and resuscitation equipment were purchased for the pediatric departments of territorial medical institution of Child and Woman Health
    the regional pediatric consultative and diagnostic clinic was opened
    A modern pediatric infectious disease center on the basis of City Hospital No. 4 equipped by modern resuscitation equipment
    Health care facilities have been equipped to meet the needs of people with disabilities.
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Clean water and appropriate sanitary conditions

    Implementation of an alternative water supply network and construction of water intakes and filtering stations
    Provision of quality drinking water to the population and maintenance of appropriate water quality and uninterrupted water supply, sewerage and heat supply services for consumers
    Reconstruction of the water supply and sewage systems in Mariupol.
    Modernization of pumping stations, water supply and sewerage networks to improve the quality of water supply and sewerage services and to ensure uninterrupted water supply and sewerage services for consumers
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Sustainable development of cities and local communities

    Large-scale reconstruction of 4 parks and squares in Mariupol
    The "Tidy City" project was launched
    Launch of a mobile Administrative Service Center for provision of services in the remote areas of the community

Strategic projects implementation

as of 23.02.2022


The historical cluster "City of Maria" was created - a complex reconstruction of the city center. As part of the project, the reconstruction of the Theater Park, the Greek Square, the central part of Prospekt Myra, the restoration of the three buildings opposite the Drama Theater and the water tower have been carried out. Almost UAH 300 million was invested.


The "Veselka" park has been reconstructedThe most famous park on the Left Bank is one of the key locations for the city's festivities annually. More than 210,000 flowering and evergreen plants are planted on its territory.Contemporary recreation areas, a sports space with exercise equipment and a comfortable playground.


IT hubs "1991 Mariupol" and "Beetroot Academy" were opened● acceleration and educational programs for youth, entrepreneurs and IT specialistsIT internship program for students ● joint programs with city authorities and regular events on IT and entrepreneurship● coworking space for young startup teams and IT entrepreneurs


Reconstruction of Liberty Square The square was completely renovated in 2020 and now the perimeter of the square is decorated with 25 doves, a global symbol of peace, goodness, freedom, and unity. The wings of the birds display the ornament of each region of our country. Each figure has special equipment that projects a laser show into the square.


Central pier reconstructionAfter the reconstruction, the central pier has become a contemporary public space where people can walk and have a snack day and night.Mariupol residents and visitors come here to enjoy the view of the sea, the dam or take a speedboat ride.


The construction of the unique Steel House project, whose structure is a metal frame, is nearing completion


Medical sector:● UAH 1.5 billion was invested in the development of the medical sector48 medical facilities were overhauledA network of renovated outpatient clinics is being created in remotedistricts and settlements of the cityA Regional Infectious Diseases Center for Children was opened, serving 100,000 childrenThe only Cardiovascular Center in the east of the region was launched,where more than 1,000 operations are performed annually;


The Security sector:● Ukraine's first Unified Analytical Center with a unique software was opened ● 380 cameras were installed, including more than 180 smart cameras;A unified mobile application "102" was introducedThe first emergency notification system in Donetsk Oblast was launched;


Development of public sports. Opened :● 80 multifunctional sports grounds at schools - investment of UAH 100 million● 160 public sports facilities are in operation, with about 3,000 people regularly training there● The Ice Arena, which is the base for the hockey club An Olympic-level swimming pool "Neptun" on the basis of a renovated swimming pool, which also includes gyms and a SPA. Investment cost of the project is UAH 160 million.


New city transport system:● 249 vehicles were purchased;● 9 new routes were launched and 13 optimized;● The share of municipal transport is over 70%;● 84 new bus stop pavilions and 78 information boards were installed;● a transport schedule mobile service was introduced.


Development of a new educational environment:● overhauls were carried out in 161 kindergartens and schools;● hub schools with complete renovation of buildings are being established in each district;● Fourteen universities and affiliated branches of various specializations, from humanitarian to medical, are operating;● Construction of the first private university, Metinvest Polytechnic, was launched


The transformation of utility companies:UAH 1.5 billion was invested in the development of utilities over the past five years;2,500 new workplaces have been created.


The program to support condominiums has been implemented:● over UAH 1 billion has been invested over five years;● 400 buildings were overhauled;● 340 "Cozy Yards" were created.

industry and investment

The largest budget generating industries as per 23.02.2022:
Metallurgy, Machinery, and Industrial gas production are represented by enterprises:


JSC Mariupolsky metallurgical plant named after Ilyich

is the leading enterprise in Priazovia and Donetsk region and one of the largest exporters in Ukraine. It has a full metallurgical cycle and supplies raw materials (mainly sinter) to other metallurgical enterprises in Ukraine. The plant exports its products to more than 50 countries.



is a modern production complex comprising specialized facilities and manufactures complex technical products: non-standard equipment for various industries, lifting and handling equipment and spare parts for metallurgical and mining companies, sea and river ports, machinery and equipment for coke oven and by-product enterprises.



is one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers and suppliers of high-purity inert gases, calibration and technical gas mixtures, as well as special-purpose mixtures on the Ukrainian and foreign markets.



The main enterprise in the city's agricultural sector is the State Enterprise ILLICH-AGRO DONBASS: cultivation of grain crops, legumes and oilseeds, cereals - peas, wheat, corn, sunflower and others.


Agriculture as of 23.02.2022

The main enterprise of the agricultural complex is the Mariupol-based oilseed processing plant Satellite. The plant's daily capacity is 1,500 tons of oil.

Mariupol is a cultural and recreational center of the Pryazovia region

As of 23.02.2022

  • Illustration

    historical, architectural and landmark monuments related to the lives and accomplishments of prominent figures of the past

  • Illustration

    Regional Academic Drama Theater, Philharmonic, 3 contemporary Cinemas, 8 exhibition halls and museums, an Exhibition Center, 6 Palaces of Culture (and 4 branches), 7 art schools, and a centralized library system with 15 branches;

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    three large beach locations: Central, Livoberezhny and the beach " Peschany"

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    City Garden, Prymorskyi Park, Veselka Park, Liberty Square, Teatralnyi Park, Yubileinyi Park named after Gurov, and Extreme Park

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    large sports and entertainment facilities: indoor stadium, swimming pools, ice arena, exhibition halls, leisure centers for youth and children

The Russian occupiers have turned Mariupol into a ghost town. Destroyed houses, craters from bombs and empty streets - this is the look of the city that was a vibrant tourist destination until February 24.Preliminary estimates show that it would cost at least $14.5 billion to rebuild the city. USAID, the EBRD, the World Bank, as well as SCM and Metinvest have supported the initiative.

Out of 41489 buildings:

    Without destruction: 7754, or 19%
    26288, or 63%, damaged
    destroyed: 7447, or 18%

Multi-apartment buildings, dormitories -
total number 2275

    without destruction: 139, which is 6%damaged: 1207, which is 53%destroyed: 929, which is 41%

Private houses - 38895

    not damaged: 7560, which is 19%damaged: 24926, which is 64%destroyed: 6409, which is 16%

168 educational institutions

    without destruction: 29, which is 17%damaged: 95, which is 57%destroyed: 44, which is 26%

Medical institutions (municipal) -15

    without destruction: 2, which is 13%were damaged:5, which is 33%destroyed: 8, which is 53%

Cultural institutions - 39

    without destruction: 6, which is15%were damaged: 10, which is 26%destroyed: 23, which is 59%

Sports institutions 46

    without destruction: 9, which is 20%were damaged: 26, which is 57%destroyed: 11, which is 24%

Administrative buildings - 51

    without destruction: 9, which is 18damaged: 19, which amounts to 37%destroyed: 23, which is 45%

Mariupol City Territorial Community requires your help and support i reconstruction

Vadym Serhiiovych Boychenko

Mayor of the city

38 (067) 345 -1555; 38 (050) 345 -1555 au.vog.adarlopuiram%40noitpecer