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Trostyanets city united territorial community, located in Slobozhanshchyna, was formed in 2017. Having a strong financial foundation, after unification Trostyanets received a powerful resource for strategic development. In this community, projects that territorially go beyond its boundaries are implemented in a high-quality manner. Management took control over the regional hospital, made major repairs and imported modern equipment. Festivals of music and historical reconstruction gather tourists from different parts of Ukraine in the Trostyanets region. The region management is also planning to restore the biathlon base for international competitions in the Trostyanets community.

The addressing of head of the community Yuriy Bova to the participants of the forum

Trostyanets community: industrial and touristic cluster

  • The total area is 788.66 km²

  • The population is 27,627 people

The city of Trostyanets and four villages are the part of the Trostyanets city united territorial community. The total population of the community is almost 28,000 people. Before the war, the community budget increased fourfold in two years — to almost 200 million hryvnias. The development budget, which the community governs to parks, hospitals, schools, sports facilities, etc., is also growing. The head of the Trostyanets community, Yuriy Bova, says that according to the prospective plan, 11 more village councils should join the community.

Industry and investment

The leading branches of the city's economy are food and processing industries - more than 95%.

The main direction of management is also forestry production.

In 2014, the industrial park "Trostianets" was created (with a total area of 39.9556 hectares) for a period of 30 years. On the territory of the park there could be established enterprises of food or light industry.

Trostyanets factory "Mondelis Ukraine"

Trostyanets factory "Mondelis Ukraine" is one of the most powerful in Ukraine. It has a full cycle of processing cocoa beans. Those are used by such brands: "Korona", Milka, Alpen Gold, "Barney Bear", TUC, Oreo. The factory's products were sold on the domestic market and exported to the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

"Trostyanetsky Agroprombud" Co. Ltd.

extraction of sand, gravel, clay and kaolin, production of bricks, tiles and other construction products from fired clay; construction of pipelines, construction of power supply and telecommunications facilities.

"Deka-hlib" LLC

production of bread and bakery products;
production of flour confectionery products, cakes and short-term storage cakes

CJSC "Trostyanetsky Electrical Appliances"

production of electrical distribution and control equipment

“Jacobs Dow Egberts Ukraine” Co. Ltd.

operator of the food market, engaged in wholesale trade of coffee, tea, cocoa and spices


sawmill and planing production

"Trostyanetske Dzherelo" LLC

production of soft drinks, mineral waters and other bottled waters

“Tsegla Impuls” LLC Manufacturing and Trading Company

production of bricks, tiles and other construction products from fired clay

During the full-scale invasion to Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the city was attacked and occupied by Russian troops. Trostyanets was under occupation for 30 days and was liberated by Ukrainian troops on March 26, 2022.

The distraction of the infrastructure

Railway station and 40th Army Square

During the Russian occupation and as a result of enemy shelling, the railway station suffered significant damage, and the adjacent square of the 40th Army was completely destroyed. In addition, buildings near the Square, surface and underground communications also suffered significant damage.

Residential buildings


    12 residential buildings
    51 residential buildings were damaged by 60%
    5 apartment buildings with 120 apartments were completely destroyed


    800 residential buildings
    250 apartments

Krasnotrostyanets Forest Research Station

It is an architectural monument of the 19th century. The building of the forestry research station suffered significant destruction as a result of enemy shelling during the liberation of the city of Trostyanets. Because of this, a lot of important scientific literature on the study of the natural fund of the Trostyanets region was destroyed.

State enterprise "Trostyanetsky forest farm"

Destruction of the paramedic-midwifery post in the village of Stanova Trostyanets

City Hospital

It became the first institution in Ukraine, which in 2017, as a result of the decentralization reform, was transferred from the management system of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to the Trostyanets City Council. During 2018-2021, a large-scale reconstruction was carried out at the hospital (with funds from the local budget and a loan taken by the city council).

The library’s branch in the village of Soldatske

Stadium of Kutsa

Commercial sphere

PJSC "Mondeleis Ukraine"

One of the main budget-generating enterprises of the community was damaged. The enterprise employs about 2,000 people. Over the past 20 years, the company has invested more than 200 million US dollars in its development.
Under the cover of the enterprise, Russian troops shelled populated areas. They robbed the warehouse of finished products and stole office equipment.

25 objects of the business infrastructure of the community were completely destroyed and 29 were damaged


The Trostyanets Community needs your help and support in recovery

Yuriy Anatoliyovych Bova

The head of the community

au.vog.adaraksim-stenaytsort%40liamUkraine, Trostyanets, Sumy region, st. Myru, 6


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