Okhtyrka urban territorial community

Participant of the Recovery Forum Ukraine 2022

the Cossack community, which is proud of its churches and the miraculous icon of the Mother of God. occupies a prominent place in the oil and gas production industry of Ukraine

the address of the head of the community Pavlo Kuzmenko to the participants of the forum

Industrial and recreational potential of Sumshchyna (Sumy Region)

  • The total area is 82.32 km²

  • The population is 47,569 people

The Okhtyrka urban community includes 11 settlements, 1 city and 10 villages. Okhtyrka has some geographical features. It is located on the left bank of the Vorskla River, within the forest-steppe natural zone, in the center of a triangle of three regional centers — Sumy, Kharkiv, and Poltava.

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    Okhtyrka is known as the largest center of the oil and gas industry in Ukraine.

    The root of the region’s industrial complex is formed by the enterprises of this industry, along with branches of electricity production and distribution. By 2021, the Okhtyrkanaftogaz Oil and Gas Production Department provided 50% of oil production and 6% of gas production in Ukraine.
    Anastasivske, Bugruvativske, Korzhivske and Yuzhno-Panasivske are the main oil and gas production fields. Oil extraction is carried out by fountain (60 wells) and gas lift (52 wells) methods. In addition, in 139 wells, deep rod pumps are operating, in 11 wells-electric centrifugal pumps.

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    Industrial and production infrastructure

    The following industrial enterprises are located and operate on the territory of the community: "Okhtyrkanaftogaz" Oil and Gas Production Management , PC "Ukrnafta", LLC "Brokenergia", PJSC "Okhtyr Brewery", branch "Okhtyr Cheese Factory", PE "Ros", SE "Okhtyr Bakery Combine", PJSC "Okhtyr meat processing plant", PJSC "Okhtyr garment factory", etc.

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    Okhtyrka touristic

    Sumy region is considered one of the most ecologically clean in Ukraine. The local pine forests seem to have been specifically created for ecotourism. The city has many excursion routes on various themes: Cossacks times, industry, economy, clergy, Scythian times.
    The main temple of Okhtyrka and the main attraction of the city was built on the place where the priest Danylo Polyansky in 1739 found the miraculous icon of the God Mother of Okhtyrka.

For 30 days, the territory was shelled with heavy artillery and bombs were dropped on the residential quarters of the community. Okhtyrka took a huge blow from the Russian army and miraculously, or rather, with the titanic efforts of the Ukrainian defenders, survived. The invaders did not capture the city and did not pass through it further. However, both the suburbs and the city center suffered significant damage from airstrikes.

Destruction of social infrastructure

The Okhtyrka City Council was completely destroyed

Residential buildings

Almost 2,000 damaged private houses and apartments were registered in Okhtyrka

educational institutions

The city's pre-school education institutions were also destroyed: the kindergardens "Sonechko", "Rosinka", "Kazka", "Teremok", the children development center "Kalinka" and the nursery school "Orlyatko".

Okhtyrka Local Lore Museum

Almost 10,000 exhibits were stored here. These are personal belongings and works of natives of the region that have gained international recognition: among them Pavlo Grabovskyi, Ivan Bagryanyi and Ostap Vyshnya.

People's House

The center of cultural and educational life of the city of Okhtyrka since the beginning of the 20th century. It was built in the period from 1911 to 1914 and timed to the 50th anniversary of the abolition of serfdom in the Russian Empire. For decades, the People’s House rallied the townspeople around and was a center of creative freedom, thanks to which the People's House once appeared.

Industrial and Commercial sphere

completely destroyed Okhtyrskaya CHP

This is the only object that provided centralized heat supply - about 20,000 residents used the CHP service. There are also destroyed water mains, the central sewer collector, and many gas mains were destroyed.

shopping center "Univermag"

    3 agricultural enterprises were damaged
    8 industrial enterprises were damaged

The Okhtyrka community needs your help and support in recovery

Pavlo Petrovych Kuzmenko

the Mayor



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