Nemyshaiv Settlement Territorial Community

Participant of Recovery Forum Ukraine 2022

The address of Pyotr Perevoznyk, Head of the Territorial Community, to the Forum participants

Tourism and recreational potential of Kyiv region

  • The total area is 80.1 square kilometers

  • The population is 15,950 people

The community consists of 4 settlements — 2 urban-type settlements and 2 villages. The emergence of settlements of the community is connected with the beginning of construction of the Kyiv-Kovel railway in 1900. The development of the community is going at an extremely fast pace - new multi-apartment buildings appear every year, recreation areas for residents are created, shops, sports halls, and children's clubs are opened. Far from the city noise, young families are moving here.

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    The economic sector

    The economic sector of the Сommunity is represented by the large number of facilities engaged in agriculture, forestry, fish farming, production of medicines, building materials, furniture and hundreds of small commercial enterprises of services and retail trade.
    The Community is famous for the only Institute of Potato Growing of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences in Ukraine (year of establishment – 1911).
    Hundreds of people come every year to buy high-quality seed potatoes.

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    Nemyshaevo is a tourist destination

    The ruins of Osten-Saken Castle in Nemishaevo is one of the most romantic photo zones in the Kyiv Region. Architects and restorers examine and evaluate each brick, trying to recreate the history. The Oosten-Saken Off-Stage Festival takes place on the palace grounds. The World Forum of Ukrainians is held annually in the village.

Strategic development directions


Environmental safety of the Community

Environmental safety of the Community, within the framework of the project of the construction of treatment facilities, has been already planned and requires the financing in the amount of UAH 60 million (EUR 2 million).


Development of Eco tourism and international routes

The Community has vast green, recreational and water resources. A real tourist attraction are the ruins of the Oosten-Saken Castle, which needs restoration and popularization.


Infrastructure and engineering communications development

It is an important component of community development that ensures the comfort of residents and its guests. The water supply network of the Klavdievo-Tarasov settlement needs to be modernized as a priority.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Russian troops shelled the settlements of the Nemyshaiv community, and already on March 4, the community was completely occupied and cut off from any aid, including medical and humanitarian. The community was completely cut off from water supply, electricity, and heating systems, and there was no mobile phone or Internet for more than a month. And only on March 12 and 14, it was possible to partially evacuate children, women and the elderly through organized green corridors.

According to preliminary data, almost 300 objects have been damaged.
Of them, 15 were completely destroyed, the rest were damaged to a large extent or partially.

    27 apartment buildings
    194 private houses
    3 kindergardens
    3 schools
    the hospital
    House of Culture
    School of Arts

In addition to the devastation the Community suffered, there were also victims among the civilian population, including children.


The Nemyshaiv Territorial Community needs your help and support in recovery

Petro Petrovych Perevoznyk

the Village Head

moc.liamg%40ofni.hsimen3,Sadova St., Buchansky district, Kyiv Region, Ukraine


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