Ivankiv Settlement Territorial Community

The participant of the Recovery Forum Ukraine 2022

Address of Tetyana Svyridenko, the Village Head to Forum participants

an investment-attractive, self-sufficient Community of Kyiv region

  • The total area is 3.62 square kilometers

  • The population is 29,126 people

The Community includes 81 settlements: 1 Ivankiv settlement and 80 villages. The Community is located in the Vyshgorod district of the Kyiv region. The administrative center is Ivankiv settlement.
The Ivankiv Settlement Territorial Community is the largest in terms of area in Kyiv region — 12.87% of the territory

successes of investment and foreign economic activities


solar power stations

"SES Bohdany",in the village of Fruzynivka, "Altes" LLC on an area of 11 hectares, with a capacity of 4022 MW and "Solar Energy Investments Ukraine" LLC in the village Dytiatky with a capacity of 5 MW, 2 MW.



Stalker Hotel&Hostel, opened in the village of Dytyatky, due to the village investments,which is the first modern shelter for Chernobyl travelers.


foreign trade relations

Private enterprise "Ivankiv Lisove Hospodarstvo" exports timber products to Israel, China. The company exported softwood lumber worth UAH 23,167 within January-September 2021.

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    Agricultural sector

    The community's production specialization is agriculture. There are 28 agricultural enterprises

      horticulture - cultivation of grain and technical crops.
      animal husbandry - dairy and meat breeding
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    the industrial cluster

    The community's largest enterprises are:

      "Krohmaleprodukty Orane" LLC - manufacture of starch products
      Ivankivskyi Bread Factory of the district consumer association
      PJSC "Promin" - production of plastic plates, sheets, pipes and profiles


On the initiative of the Ivankiv settlement council, a picturesque mural with a portrait of artist Maria Prymachenko, author of Sasha Korban, appeared on the facade of one of the buildings of Ivankiv village.

"Medvyn Ecopark" operates in the village of Medvyn, which is a unique natural complex near the Chernobyl radiation-ecological biosphere reserve, where all the conditions are created as close as possible to wild nature.

Adventure direction: excursions to the Exclusion Zone, the city of Pripyat, the city of Chernobyl, other safe objects on the territory of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Exclusion Zone.

a local history museum in the center of the Ivankiv Сommunity, Kyiv region, in which collections of materials and objects from the history, culture, and personalities of the former Ivankiv district were displayed and stored

On the morning of February 25, the residents of Ivankiv were sitting in the basements. Helicopters were flying over the river, and a loud roar could be heard throughout the village - Russian tanks were moving along the bypass. Еhe occupiers, as the locals recall, "fired at them with glowing shells." The wreckage was flying towards the houses, and Russian APCs were already driving through the village. It seemed that the end of the world was happening around.

From the first day of the war, the Ivankiv Settlement-Territorial community was under the occupation, which lasted 36 days and led to a humanitarian catastrophe.

the destruction of the social infrastructure

    14 educational institutions
    11 bridges
    22 cultural institutions
    5 medical institutions
    4 water-pressure towers
    2 religious buildings
    sports complex
    Administrative Services Center
    17 administrative buildings

destroyed Local History Museum

The Local History Museum in the center of the Ivankiv Сommunity, Kyiv region, in which collections of materials and objects from the history, culture, and personalities of the former Ivankiv district were displayed and stored.
At the end of February 2022, the museum was burned by the Russian invaders during the Battle of Ivankiv during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. All the paintings of Maria Primachenko were saved.


The Ivankiv community needs your help and support in recovery

tetyana Dmytrivna Svyridenko

the head of village

07201, Kyiv region, Ivankiv district, Ivankiv village, street Ivan Proskura, 7


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