Irpin Settlement Territorial Community

The participant of the Recovery Forum Ukraine 2022

The address of the Oleksandr Markushyn, Head of the Community, to the Forum participants

created for living, a self-sufficient community of the Kyiv region

  • The total area is 82.05 km²

  • The population is 66,313 people

1 city and 4 villages are included in the Irpin urban territorial community. Irpin is a city of regional significance, located in the north of Ukraine, part of Kyiv region. Located in the central part of the region, on the Irpin river. It is 7 km away from Kyiv. From the final metro station of the city of Kyiv, you can get to the city of Irpin in 7-10 minutes along the new route that connects Irpin with the capital. Shuttle taxis run between Kyiv and Irpin every 5 minutes. Modern car-sharing practices, such as carpooling or ridesharing, are also common here, which also emphasizes the progressiveness of the city's residents. Recently, Ukrzaliznytsia launched modern electric trains to the suburbs of Kyiv, including the city of Irpin, so for those who value time and accessibility, this is another convenient mode of transport.


city for living

The conditions for a comfortable life have been created, which are immediately noticeable when you arrive in Irpin: roads, sidewalks, parking lots, public transport stops, well-kept lawns and original green spaces, lighting and illumination, all this impresses with its flawlessness.



The General Plan of the city was developed in order to provide urban planning documentation that defines the principle directions of Irpin development, planning, construction, rational use of land and creation of proper conditions for the city life, solving architectural and urban planning issues.



The city service in Irpin is also of a high-quality and not inferior to the European one - a modern center of administrative services, the "Safe City" system with video surveillance and a municipal guard, professional maintenance services with modern equipment.


the city of parks

There are 17 green zones in Irpin: parks, squares, alleys and the embankment. You can enjoy nature in Irpin by barely crossing the threshold of your own home.
Almost every park, square and yard has sports grounds.


The economic potential of the industry

manufacturing industry: production of rubber and plastic products, chemical industry, production of furniture and other non-metallic products; production and distribution of electricity, gas and water. The share of the private sector predominates, which in the total production volume is about 95%.


energy efficiency

Irpin has been a signatory of the European Union initiative "Agreement of Mayors" since 2017. The city undertook to increase energy efficiency by 30% by 2030 and improve the quality of life of residents by implementing energy-efficient measures and developing renewable sources

The cozy town of Irpin in the Kyiv region became infamous all over the world due to the brutal crimes of the Russian troops. The city was under occupation for almost a month, silent witnesses of which are thousands of mutilated buildings, hundreds of destroyed and abandoned cars, hundreds of killed civilians... About 50% of buildings in the city were destroyed - 10,596 out of 22,149, of which 1,836 were completely destroyed, 665 were damaged considerable destruction.

The administrative infrastructure
lost 3,475 out of 4,844 jobs

    government and administrative buildings 15 of 27
    post offices
    police departments

Residential buildings

    4,195 houses
    3018 farm buildings
    323 townhouses and duplexes
    612 apartment buildings
    1,474 garages and parking spaces

total amount of losses UAH 17.7 billion
84,288 residents were left homeless.

Social buildings

    253 commerce
    54 educational institutions
    94 buildings for general purpose
    63 hotels
    26 health care facilities
    16 cultural and religious establishments
    38 offices and conference centers
    9 sports facilities


    7 utility buildings
    3 Power engineering
    5 heating
    1 road bridge

the industry

    150 industrial buildings
    100 construction
    60 economic structures
    13 warehouses

the Irpin Territorial Community needs your help and support in recovery

Oleksandr Hryhorovych Markushyn




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