Gostomel Territorial Community

Participant of Recovery Forum Ukraine 2022

Address of Serhiy Lvovych Borisyuk, the Head of the settlement military administration, to the Forum participants

  • The total area is 66.67 km²

  • The population is 28,649 people

The administrative center of the community is located in the urban-type village of Gostomel. The Gostomel Territorial Community also includes the villages of Gorenka, Moschun, and Ozera. The first written mention of Gostomel dates back to the year 1494. The distance to the capital is 28 km. The European road E373 Lublin-Kovel-Kyiv passes through the territory of the Community. Antonov International Cargo Airport (IATA: GML, ICAO: UKKM) is also located on the territory of the Community.

The Gostomel Community is one of the most powerful industrial centers in the region


Known for the airport, named after Antonov, which serves as a home for such giant aircraft as Mriya and Ruslan

“Antonov” - manufacture of aircrafts and spare parts for them. The number of employees is 1134 people.


The first Ukrainian smartphone,tablet, e-bookwere created

and manufactured by Impression Electronics, which continues to produce computer hardware.


the largest glass furnace in Ukraine and a glass research laboratory

Vetropak Hostomelʹsʹkyy Sklozavod, is one of the largestmanufactures of containers in Ukraine. Number of employees - 653 people.


The world-renowned innovative designersUGEARS

Each model is not just a constructor, but a certain idea that is formed in the process of creation

Gostomel was one of the key targets of Russia on the way to Kyiv. It was shelled and bombed from the air, and an enemy landing force tried to land at Antonov Airport. Heavy battles were fought for the city, and the settlement was successfully liberated from the occupiers on April 2

The destruction of the social infrastructure


40% of the city was destroyed by the war

The amount of damage caused by the Russians in the city that defended the Ukrainian "Mria" is UAH 9.5 billion, according to the KSE assessment within the framework of the RebuildUA project

The cost of damage to residential buildings is over UAH 3 billion and exceeds the annual income of all legal entities and sole proprietorships registered in the settlement.

4,553 out of 11,874 existing buildings were damaged. More than 6,000 people were left homeless.

Educational and health facilities were seriously affected. The monetary assessment of losses is 177 million UAH. Because of the destruction of administrative infrastructure buildings, people lost 1,310 out of 1,791 workplaces.

Industry suffered the most damage


The industrial buildings were destroyed and damaged for 5.3 billion UAH.

    130 out of 285 economic structures were destroyed
    59 constructions
    72 industrial buildings
    more than half of the warehouses - 57 out of 101

In particular, the buildings of such enterprises as "Vetropak Hostomelʹsʹkyy Sklozavod", NVP "PIM", "Ekaterra Ukraine", "House Eco", "Vikna Design" were damaged.

Gostomel: losses of aircrafts. "Mriya", "Antey", "Ruslan" and others


The Gostomel Community needs your help and support in recovery

Serhiy Lvovych Borisyuk

the Head of the settlement military administration

ten.rku%40adar-les220 Sviato-Pokrovska St., Gostomel, Kyiv region, 08289


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