Borodyanka settlement territorial community

participant of the Recovery Forum Ukraine 2022

It’s a community with a competitive economy based on the development of business in the field of agriculture, ecologically clean production and storage of agro-industrial products with a deep degree of processing, as well as a powerful logistics network. The community provides a high standard of living for residents and is friendly to initiatives for personal development, entrepreneurship and active leisure. The community is a multicultural center, attractive for tourists due to its rich and diverse historical heritage.

Adress of the acting head of the community Heorhiy Yerko to the participants of the forum

nvestment-attractive, self-sufficient community of Kyiv region

  • The total area is 513.47 km²

  • The population is 25,407 people

The community includes 32 settlements: 1 Borodyanka township and 31 villages. The community has a favorable geographical location, as it is located on the Kyiv-Warsaw international trade route, and the Korosten branch of the South-Western Railway crosses the community. The distance from the village of Borodyanka to the city of Kyiv by rail is 48 km, by road – 55 km, to the international airport "Kyiv" named after Sikorskyi (Zhulyani) – 62 km, to Boryspil – 75 km.


Natural resources

The most important natural resources of the community include: land, forest, water, mineral resources. Natural recreational potential is significant.
The main natural wealth is fertile land that provides high yields of agricultural crops.


Agro-industrial complex

15 enterprises are engaged in mixed production of agricultural products, 4 of which are animal husbandry. One farm has the status of a breeding plant, one has the status of a breeding breeder in animal husbandry.



The community is surrounded by mounds with a deep historical heritage. This is the potential for the development of historical and touristic routes and locations, as well as green tourism.


Sports cluster

Borodyanka Airport is one of the most famous aeroclubs in the Kyiv region, located 40 kilometers from the capital, where there are all the conditions for pleasant and safe parachuting.

April 2022. War... A cozy community with a peaceful life was left behind a black streak of pain, tears, destruction and death. Destroyed houses, mutilated lives. The month of horrors changed the history of the Ukrainian town and villages forever.

Destruction of social infrastructure

Administrative buildings

    8 completely destroyed:
    two Borodyan settlement councils
    Department of Education
    tax office
    court house

    Territorial center of recruitment and social support
    center for social and psychological rehabilitation of the population
    police station
    14 damaged administrative buildings

Residential buildings

8,827 people were left homeless


    371 residential buildings
    10 apartment buildings


    1,543 residential buildings
    64 apartment buildings

Educational institutions

    5 preschool education institutions
    10 institutions of general secondary education

Sports facilities

In Borodyanka, the occupiers plowed their symbol on the stadium, and covered the dugout with artificial turf. In total, 2 stadiums, 2 sports grounds and 2 gymnasiums were damaged.

Destroyed cultural heritage and institutions

Completely destroyed

    Borodyanka Children's Music School of Arts
    Zahaltsivsk SBK and library
    Potashnyansk SBK and library


    Museum of Local History of Borodyanka region
    the monument to T.G. Shevchenko
    Memorial stele to the fallen members of the ATO/JFO in Borodyanka
    Borodyanka Palace of Culture named after T.G. Shevchenko (material and technical base destroyed by 90%)
    Dmitrivskyi, Myrchanskyi, Shibenskyi, Maidanivskyi, Ozirshchynskyi village clubs
    8 libraries: Borodyanka library for adults, library for children, libraries in the villages of Druzhnya, Maidanivka, Shibene, Kachaly, Ozirshchyna, Zagaltsi

Industrial and commercial sectors

Objects of trade

    27 is completely destroyed
    48 are damaged


    3 agricultural enterprises were damaged
    8 industrial enterprises were damaged

Borodyanka community needs your help and support in recovery


Acting Borodyanka village head

Ukraine, Borodyanka village, 331 Tsentralna Str.


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