Bucha territorial community

participant of the Recovery Forum Ukraine 2022

Address of the Head of the Community Anatoly Fedoruk to the participants

A modern society in which you want to live

  • The total area is 261.45 km²

  • The population is 75,282 people

The Bucha urban community includes 14 settlements, 1 city and 2 urban-type villages, and 11 villages. Bucha community has great tourist and investment potential. It is located close to the capital of Ukraine and has favorable investment conditions. The territory of the community is crossed by a highway of national importance, a main railway, and three international airports are located nearby, including a cargo one - just 5 km away. Most of the territory of the community is located in the forest park zone, and the village of Vorzel has the potential of a resort town.


Active position

Bucha is an active member of the Association of Cities of Ukraine, Bucha mayor Anatoly Fedoruk heads the Kyiv regional branch and is a member of the board of ACU. The city is actively developing partnerships with EU cities and is registered on the Cities4Cities platform.



In the Bucha community, such documents as the Development Strategy of the Bucha Urban Territorial Community until 2029, the Brand of the Buchan Community, the Concept of Digital Development of the Bucha Urban Territorial Community for 2022-2025 have been approved.



We have experts in the following fields: construction, logistics (railway and road connections), aircraft construction (Antonov cargo airport), engineering, production (pipes, equipment for nuclear power plants), forestry, landscape design, and tourism.


Bucha Techno Garden

The Bucha Regional Development Agency (BRDA) was established, which develops the Bucha Techno Garden priority development area project.It is an industrial park, which includes transport, logistics, medical clusters, technology park, as well as resort sanitary and residential development on the territory of 3433 hectares.


Environmental friendliness

On the territory of the community, in 2021, energy saving projects were implemented in educational and medical institutions, the construction of three de-ironing stations using the latest technologies began, and there is a municipal landscape park "Bucha City Park" with an area of 52 hectares.


Modern education

16 communal schools and 17 kindergartens,
children's and youth sports school, 2 communally owned stadiums, 2 children's art schools, Plast educational center,
higher private educational institution Ukrainian Humanitarian Institute,
3 Cultural buildings and a network of 12 libraries.



A modern multifunctional sports complex "Academy of Sports" was opened, the doors of which are open to absolutely everyone. The project was implemented in compliance with the norms of inclusiveness. So now all boys and girls from the communities of Kyiv region have the opportunity to become future prize winners of international competitions.



In 2022, the Center for Psychological Assistance was established for people affected by Russia's aggression against Ukraine. A separate direction of the center's work is support for the families of prisoners and missing persons, psychological support for family members of the dead, psychosocial rehabilitation of people released from captivity and occupation.

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    The priority directions in the work of the community are the reconstruction of destroyed objects, medical, logistics (connection with the railway and cargo airport "ANTONOV"), IT, scientific and educational sectors, construction of roads and new infrastructure, festivals and cultural events, development of Olympic sports.

The city of Bucha became known for the large number of victims and destroyed buildings. After liberation from the Russian occupiers, who controlled the community for 36 days, all settlements are gradually reviving. Our goal is to bring all our residents home, for which the Bucha City Council approved the VDOMA KRASHCHE local program, which provides a set of measures for the reconstruction and development of infrastructure for 2022-2027.

According to ReBuild.UA, 15% of all objects were destroyed


Our goal is to update the community development strategy in order to fully restore the economic potential of the region and previously planned projects.

  • to rebuild 3,000 damaged buildings

  • to restore the destroyed infrastructure

  • to build 2 modern schools and 6 kindergartens

  • to build a new multidisciplinary hospital and a modern sports complex

  • to organize the city center and develop the Memory project


Bucha community needs your help and support in recovery

Anatoly Fedoruk 

City mayor

08292. Kyiv region, Bucha, 12 Energetykiv Str.